Return back in the game world!

A serialized plan Our game Heroine Record that digs the attractiveness of heroines that appear in various games. The seventh introduces Lilia of ease II released on PC in 1988.

As a representative work of the Do period and the representative of Hishogawa Katakana (Hinayana Moro) Return beauty illustration indicates, Women felt swaying It has come. The word back may be used today.

And, it is the heroine Lilia of ease II that Japan Falcon was released on the PC in 1988, such a universal beauty.

A young adventurer Adolf with burned red-haired Adolf is a cursed an adventure on the island and Estella. And, I was waiting for him who was blessed to the ancient kingdom ye floating in the sky with the power of the book, but it was a girl who lived in the village of Lance.

The synopsis that connects the last scene of BS and III as described above is drawn in the opening demonstration of II in this demo Everyone of the player is knocked out to the animation of pretty lilies that turns around as if you felt signs!

If you know the idea of ​​the Adolf who made the material of heavy disease that has been a heavy disease that has been a heavy disease, he fucks his travel destination and knows the way to help adventure, It is completely her jealousy.

Such Lilia popularity did not know that it remained, and in 1990, it was about to be held to Miss Lilia Contest to determine the image girl of Lilia. Applicants are surprising because they will extend near 2000 people.

If you tasted the above impact, the boom in real time, the PC version of the 1988 is the most impressive, but the author was delayed in 1989 because the generation was delayed, and the PC was not owned. The first shock was tasted with Is II of the PC Engine CD-ROM version.

And it was a remake work III eternal released on a PC in 2000, for the second shock. Theater anime Your name is. Bank Nassau, an animation film director known for Weather. (※ At that time, it was enrolled in Japan Falcon), a fantastic and beautiful OP movie is It is no exaggeration to say that all players who have taken this work at that time were given a lot of shocks.

Is II Eternal has a play element that gives a present to many characters, and if you raise the preference of Lilia, the effect of the ending is partially changing, and her thing It was one of the ways to like.

Adolf is Since the adventure of the roots and the adventure , when the adventure is finished What kind of beautiful girl will be attached to the next place, it will be brought to the next place. Es IV also plays again. Her popular heights will be seen on this area.

Her Lilia has her own name given her own BGM Lilia , but her kind melody is impressive, the BGM of the lance village is also I think personally it is a song that I imaged. The song title is TOO FULL of LOVE . Affront love… Is Lilia be as though the feelings to Adolf, himself in her chest?