Uncharted: Legacy collection of thieves premieres trailer and shows how it looks at ps5

Without making a lot of noise, but two of the best games of the past generation are about to return in Uncharted: Legacy Collection of Thieves. To celebrate your imminent release, PlayStation has published the launch trailer of this compilation, which brings us back to Nathan, Chloe and company.

The PACK includes Uncharted 4: The outcome of the thief and uncharted: the lost legacy especially remastered for PS5, with graphic improvements and performance taking advantage of the benefits of the new generation console of Sony.

The adventures do not have playable additions, but includes both the base game starring Nathan Drake and the brother of him Sam ; and the expansion led by Chloe and Nadine . Two games that were already a technical roof in their day, and now they will still look better in this remaster.

In Uncharted 4: The outcome of the Nathan Drake thief goes in search of the lost treasure of Captain Avery, embarking on a last adventure to distant places for the jungles of Madagascar to the lost colony of the pirates, Libertarian. Uncharted: the lost legacy Collect the incredible feats of Chloe Fraser as it passes from enemy to heroin. After resorting to the help of the famous mercenary Nadine Ross, Chloe embarks next to the Western Ghats of India to locate the legendary Golden Ganesh Fang.

If you already have the games on PS5, for only €10 more you can apply for the digital version of Uncharted: Legacy Collection of the Thieves When the January 28, 2022 come to come; For this you have to insert the disk into the console – and you will need a PS5 with a reader, of course.

In addition, it will be an advance for the Uncharted film, which will take the adventures of Naughty Dog to the cinema on February 18, with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as a poster heads.