Arrest! Friend writes exams of Galatasaray

A friend of Galatasaray striker Mostafa Mohamed has been arrested by the police in Egypt after being written at the Higher Institute for Management and Information Technology in Giza the half-year review on behalf of the footballer.

This was noticed after his name had appeared on the exam documents, although the 24-year-old is actually with the Egyptian national team at the Africa Cup in Cameroon.

Mohamed actually studies information technology, where his buddy wanted to do him a favor: He is my friend and his future is ruined when he does not write the exam, said the arrested.

According to the Egyptian daily YouM7 was not the first time that that friend wrote the exams of Mohamed. I just wanted to help it’s the first time, but he assured.

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As Almaty al-you-called reports, the procedure would have been arranged with the player. Both should also live in the same street in Giza at Cairo. The investigation last.