Kahn confirms Slee-Off and talks about successors

Niklas Sure leaves FC Bayern Munich at the end of the season, which has confirmed the club on Wednesday in the person of Oliver Khan.

The negotiations with SEE would have been attracted for a very long time, and we have made an offer, he did not accept this offer, said the executive board.

Defender Sure was changed from the TSG 1899 Cofferdam for around 20 million euros to the dealers in the summer of 2017. The 26-year-old is now free transfer in summer.

FC Bayern has long been dealing with alternatives for domestic defense. Khan also referred to Lucas Hernández or Benjamin Award from the current squad that can centrally defend.

It gives very many possibilities, but very clearly the FC Bayern always has to deal with players when one leaves us, he said.

Most recently, Above Antonio Rudder and Andreas Christensen was speculated by FC Chelsea. Both professionals are also free transfer in summer.

All statements of the Kahn-PK for reading:

+++ Khan over new +++

Manuel breaks all the records and leaves nothing more for me, he shows no fatigue phenomena after so many. He goes ahead. That’s what you can see and that you hear. He guides the team. He is the typical example of a player who never satisfied is. Furthermore, he can still play very long, I was 38 or 39, because I had enough slowly. Manuel ticks there.

+++ Khan over Transfer Market Future +++

It is important for us to get some reassurance on the salaries level. Even with transfer heights, a certain reassurance would be useful.

We are on a good way, as far as a Salary Cap is concerned. I am very, very optimistic that good and positive things happen. This can be continued to look positive as a traditional club. We are still competitive.

+++ So very hurts Khan the Sellout +++

Of course, the departure hurts. Niklas has shown very good performance in the last five years. He is one of the best domestic defenders who exist at the moment. I think this appreciation we have given him to him. Ultimately, it is the decision of the player Have an economic setting in which we have to move. We have done that too.

+++ Khan over his roll +++

I have very much, many tasks that do not have to take place in public. I do not just think of the economic aspects, including Bayern Munichs policy topics. I can not put myself in front of a camera every day. It’s about a middle ground Find.

+++ Khan over the fresh type of coach Julian Nagelsmann +++

He’s already relaxed one or the other time. But the other facet is a bit more important to us. How does he work inward: it’s amazing how fast he has arrived how fast he also convinced the team It feels that in the atmosphere, if you are there. You can see it on the square, which football we play.

+++ Khan over the focus on free-free players +++

If you look at the market, you will see that the many transfers redemption players are also something that the Corona crisis brings. As an example, Khan Kylian calls Mbappé, who will probably switch to Real Madrid in summer.

We have to deal with the situation. On the other hand, there are increasingly opportunities, and we have possibilities to get to players who are freely. FC Bayern is a high attractive club. I think it’s more opportunities than risks from the Current situation.

+++ Khan over Bayern Munichs board Hasan Salihamidzic +++

I’ve been working with him for a long time, over two years. It’s scary fun. We have experienced a lot together. If you look at the squad today, how much success the team has had in recent years in his aegis, speaks All for Hasan. I am very well imagined that Hasan will stay for a long time for Bavaria.

+++ Khan over the price increase at DAZN by 100 percent +++

I can not judge that from the distance. I can neither judge the business model of DAZN nor say something to the price increases. That this is not received positively with the fans, I can understand that, but I can also put me in the transmitting stations

+++ Khan about a possible suit against (more) ghost games +++

The thoughts can never happen that you can no longer understand all the rules. But we have always been very well in working with the offices.

+++ Khan over BVB-ShootingStar Erlang Haaland +++

I will not talk about players from other clubs.

+++ Khan over Rules salary receivables +++

We made him a very, very good offer. He plays solid, sovereign. We need it this season. But we have to keep ourselves at certain rules. We have economic boundaries in which we have to move.

+++ Khan over Robert Lewandowski +++

Lewandowski is an absolute phenomenon at which level he plays. There is not much to think about. Of course, we will try everything Robert stays with us as long as possible. He is almost an insurance for us. We will put everything to it, We Robert as long as possible with us.

+++ Khan over possible extensions with Manuel new, Serge Gnabry and Thomas Müller +++

It goes without saying that we go to exchange with all these players to understand what they want. This is in the first time in our agenda.

+++ Khan over Corentin Polish +++

After some injuries, it’s amazing at what level of performance he plays football. It can not happen to us better than playing top performance.

+++ Khan over possible SEE successor +++

We always deal with all possibilities. There are many possibilities what the center-back position is concerned. Of course, we deal with players. We have Lucas Hernández in the domestic defense, with Day Upamecano, an excellent central defender, a talent with Tanguy Piano. Also, Benjamin Award can play there.

+++ Khan again via corona and missing fans +++

It was and is a very difficult situation. Nevertheless, there is a silver strike somewhere on the horizon, that we can get out of this pandemic. This hope is all! Therefore, it makes sense to start with 10,000 spectators. But I am very careful With any forecasts.


+++ Khan over the corona location +++

I met at the Berlin game with our Minister of Health Karl Laudutbach to understand decisions. This is a very difficult situation. It makes sense to start with 10,000 spectators.

+++ Khan over fan return to the Allianz Arena +++

It was a very pleasing first step in the right direction. This signal is important at this time. We have a very, very good infrastructure. We have collected data when we had spectators. These data prove that as good as no Infection events from our stadium.

+++ Long negotiations with SEE +++

The negotiations with Niklas have attracted a very long time. We did an offer, he did not accept how he shared us. He wants to leave the club at the end of the season. The club has a certain responsibility of what the offers are concerned, continues to go. We have to hold our framework conditions.

EU’s statements from Herbert Gainer, who was still talking on Sunday that See still has to decide: He wanted to leave a small back door open. Now we know how the situation is. That has been like this over the last few days yield. I think you have to consider, there are many conversations that take place. At some point, a player then meets his decision.

+++ Khan confirms Slee-Farewell +++

So it’s clear: Niklas Sure will leave FC Bayern after the season and do not extend his contract. That just confirmed Oliver Khan!