Hectors teaching lesson for Freiburgs talent pity

With just 20 years, performance fluctuations are normal. Even absolute exceptional talents caught at the beginning of their career then and when a used day. An experience that does not like to make young footballers, but just belongs to the maturity process. As with Freiburg Kevin too bad. The wing player in the team of coach Christian prank ranks after a moderate appearance at the beginning of Bielefeld (2: 2) last three impressive games in the 1: 5 against Dortmund (Jonas Hector note 2.5), at 4: 1 against Hoffenheim in the cup ( Note 2, a gate) and 2-0 in Stuttgart (Note 2, a gate) to each other. His skills are undisputed: the 1.83-meter native Potsdamer is fast, jumping, has zug to the gate and can leave opposite players carefully in one-counter.

Last Saturday, however, there was a teaching lesson of the unpleasant kind. Cologne’s left-back Jonas Hector (Kikcer-Note 2) cooked the well-known, but completely luxurious pity according to all the rules of art. Hector won 92 percent of its two-fighting, his direct opponent pity only 12 percent. The young Freiburger remained in his eighth starting feature in every situation and came to no Goal Shot. The 31-year-old Hector, on the other hand, had meanwhile even the leisure, pity and the right-back behind it, Lukas Kübler, to deal with their own defensive average – and, in contrast to a pity, put his counterparts still two goals shots.

Also prank obviously saw that the use of his right-wing stay in this afternoon remained ineffective and took the U-21 international in halftime from the field. “On the bench are players who are good and want to play,” the SC coach justified his change and explained, “If it does not go that way, then another thing comes in.” In this case Roland Sallai, which vanished significantly more danger (Note 3) and was brought only by the timeout Nico Schlotterbeck around the equalizer. The Hungary and a pity is currently competing almost equal to the place in the right midfield – well possible that prank pity now misses a break.

From the junior player to the firm part of the professional

His fast on and abs in the form curve are still a normal part of the development process, finally a pity plays his first season in the Bundesliga. And that already in an impressive way: three goals and a template in 18 inserts can be seen. The native Potsdamer rose within half a year from the junior player to the fixed part of the professional. Until his achievements become more constant, it may take a while. Hector could be a good example of him: When the later German international was as old as a pity, Hector still kicked with the 2nd team of the 1st FC Cologne in the Regionalliga West.