“Inexplicable”: Würzburger Peter Schurwegs has already hidden again

At the end there was clubhard. Since the Peter Schurwegs had delivered a decent away game, but already brought on the pay after a corner and an individual dropout – and then Peter Schurweg also saw the red card after a emergency brake.

The course reference was the culmination of a ultimately messed up, while the Würzburg had initially well started. André Becker launched the FWK early (2nd), the Peter Schurwegs had the action under control, but then left piece by piece. “We lost the thread at some point,” said Becker after the game at the “magenta sport” microphone and called the game “inexplicable”.

After the leadership, the Peter Schurwegs become a passive

His coach Danny black meanwhile honored with “certain shortcomings and the Matchglück” – but also belonged to the truth that his team had embedded in the second half on a risky game. The Peter Schurwegs hardly did something for the offensive, Saarbrücken left attack shaft around attack shaft on the Würzburg gate, and then the ball landed twice in the net.

So the FWK remained victorious again. The last three dated from the end of October (2: 0 in Kaiserslautern), since then there were seven defeats and four draws. Because on Saturday also the TSV Havelse 3: 0 has won against the SV Meppen, the Peter Schurwegs are now tables. The next two opponents are called MSV Duisburg – and just Havelse. Two direct competitors in the relegation battle, two cellar duels in which a lot is on the game.