What character of Dragon Ball has consumed more hermit seeds?

Inside the universe of Dragon Ball, The death of a character is usually not taken very seriously because it is always possible to bring them back with a desire. However, there is also an alternative for less drastic situations known as the seeds of hermit. These sandwiches have been frequently used throughout the entire franchise, but what is the character that has most abused them?

Via Twitter , the official account of Dragon Ball shared an interesting graph where they show the characters that most seeds of the hermit have consumed at Dragon Ball, and to surprise Some, Yajirobe It takes the first place, with Goku and Vegeta in second and third place respectively.

Interestingly, Cell is the only villain of the saga that appears within this ranking, because you are usually seeds are only reserved for the Heroes of the Franchise. Perhaps with the arrival of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Let’s see some other method to recover energy, or if seeds of hermit will continue to be the favorites.

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Editor’s note: Dragon Ball definitely has a bright future ahead, because in addition to the film, it is rumored that the anime could also return this year. It will be interesting to know if the anime will faithfully adapt the events of the manga, or if maybe there will be a couple of surprises out there.