Why Müller felt like Horst Hrubesh

It was a hot dance on Saturday evening in Munich. Both teams offered first-class entertainment, both teams showed their playful quality. “Both have already shown a good, attractive game,” Müller also found after the game at “SKY”. “As the opportunities have arisen, it was similar. Both teams have always tried to have offensive pressing actions. Then that’s forced mistakes, which are created by the playing style of the respective teams. You may also be calculated a bit with them. “

Two clear playback errors of the Leipzig used the Bayern ice cold to two goals – one of them was the crucial to the 3: 2 victory. “Overall, we have earned earned because we had more of these actions. Of course, Leipzig can do two goals more, but we at least,” Müller found, of course, that the opponent is better than the current table seat. “Leipzig, of course, plays a total of a season under his possibilities. If you look at the individual players, also the physical skills they have in their team. Leipzig is one of the top teams of the league. They are worse than what they are able to do are.”

With the victory, the Bayern once again set a statement, at least Leipzig had won all four competitive games in January. In the middle of it was once more Müller, who met for the 1: 0 and even scored another goal, which was collected according to VAR application. The first goal was a dewisher, the second, not given a wonderful header. “Exceptionally, that was a very good headball technique,” Müller laughed and compared with an earlier “header house” from the Bundesliga, “I felt a bit like it was told by Horst Hrubesh.” Not the only commonality: Müller scored his 136th goal in the Bundesliga on Saturday and moved the same with Hrubesh.

Müller: “It’s worth it to Ackern”

In total it was a round evening for the Bavarians, which were allowed to welcome 10,000 fans again and the followers gave a victory. “To play again with fans is of course a good feeling. Of course, 10,000 is not yet the Allianz Arena as you know, but when the ball goes into the goal, the light flickers and people are there – it’s worth it for these feelings To Ackern, “White Müller.