1. FC Cologne represents urgent application for higher capacity utilization

The 1st FC Cologne shared on Friday that the club with the Hämster Oberverwaltungsgericht “submitted an application for an interim injunction (express procedure)”. “We highlighted in the easing of the scheme to 10,000 spectators that it should be the starting point of a dynamic development for us,” explains the club. “Against the background of numerous experts of the past days, that overloading the intensive care units is not to be expected and diverse relaxation measures in other areas of life as well as in many other leagues in Europe, we also use ourselves for further relaxation for the next home game against Eintracht Frankfurt.”

Sustainable Megacities: Health, Risks, Resources - Part 1: University of Cologne
This is explicitly welcomed the regulations of the Corona protection regulation regarding the carnival activities in the city, which allow larger crowds. “Against this background, we also plead for the chance to utilize the RheinEnergiestadion with at least 50 percent viewers.”

Lastly, a court in Lower Saxony already tipped the limitation applicable there to 500 spectators. In the Bundesliga, most viewers are admitted on the 22nd matchday in the game between Leipzig and Cologne. 15,000 fans may in Saxony in the stadium.