Ex-Star sees “Internal Problems” at FC Bayern

The former Bundesliga Profi Dante sees because of his fixed change may result in hard times on Niklas Sule at FC Bayern.

“There is little risk if his performance should not be true that then immediately the talk goes away from because of ‘It’s already gone with his head and think of his new club’. But I believe that Slee stays concentrated. But it can be concentrated Also hard will be for him, “explained the Brazilian in the” Bundesliga Profi1 “interview.

Slee leaves his contract with the record champion in the summer. Where it continues for the 26 year old national player from the coming season is still open. Most likely a change seems to the English Premier League.

“Süles decision I did not understand. That came surprising,” Dante said. “Many players want to wear the jersey of Bayern.”

“Internal problems” at FC Bayern?

Slee Slee is not the case with his future planning but did not supplement the 38-year-old, who played between 2012 and 2015 at FC Bayern and now laces his football boots for the French first division Ogc Nice. “I think there were internal problems with the bosses. The times have changed in FC Bayern.”

In order not always saddle-resistant defensive of the Munich he does not worry, Dante said, “because the quality is still brutal. There were some problems, but you just have to look at the names that play behind”.

In the hot phase of the season in the spring, the defense of FC Bayern will be “in top shape”, prophesied the center defenders.

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Dante: Marco Reus has the BVB “in the heart”

Extremely positive, Dante sees the work of Julian Nagelsmann as head coach of the Munich. “I’m a big fan of Nagelsmann and would like to have trained under him. He has already shown at Hoffenheim, which is in him. That was wrong. He was so young and did that as an old bunny,” 202-Pattern Bundesliga players, who also ran in the German Oberhaus for Borussia Mönchengladbach and the VfL Wolfsburg.

Dante led: “Nagelsmann is Krass. His philosophy of football fits on every club. He is young and like a professor at the university. His lecture hall is the training place. He always remember what he can do better. He already does Everything very good. Nagelsmann always finds solutions for problems in the square. “

Great praise Dante also paid BVB captain Marco Reus, with whom he once played into Gladbach. “He has Borussia Dortmund in the heart. And did not just look at the money. I think he could have left the BVB as well, but he knows what he has in Dortmund and just stay there.”