NFL Playoff Recap: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals 24:27 OT – Sensation perfekt! Bengals ringen Chiefs nach Monster

The Cincinnati Bengals have achieved the Super Bowl for the first time through a sensational 27: 24-overtime success over the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time since the 1988 season. The guests had to catch up even a 18-point residue. In the end it was just Patrick Mahomes, who made the decisive mistakes at the favorites.

The sensation is perfect! The Cincinnati Bengals stand for the first time since the 1988 season again in Super Bowl. And as in the Divisional Game, it was Rookeie-Kicker Evan McPherson, who caused the victory. He sank a 31-yard-goal-goal in the Overtime and left a shocked Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs set off like the fire department and scored three touchdowns in their first three drives of the game. Patrick Mahomes opened the game with a 10-yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill, then after a scramble for almost 8 seconds, a 5-yard TD pass to Travis Kelce gradually went to a 3-yard TD Pass to Mecole Hardman re-cheer.

During this time, the Bengals only made a Field Goal after a little successful Red Zone Drive.

The guests, however, caught the better end of the first half. After a 18-yard pass from Joe Burrow (23/38, 250 yds, 2 TD, Int) on Tea Higgins, Burrov finally found Running Back Samaje Perine by screen. And that made it a 41-yard touchdown catch and run. However, the Bengals left 1:05 minutes on the clock, which would have been enough time for Mahomes, another scoring drive.

That would be almost succeeded, because after a few chunk plays and a pass interference in the end zone through Cornerback Eli Apple, the Chiefs were playing at the 1-yard line with 13 seconds. In the end, however, Mahomes was also a one and threw a pass to Hill for another 5 seconds at the clock and without Timeout at 2nd and goal.

After the break, both Defenses initially had more access, especially Mahomes was a bit better pressurized and made a few incompletions in longer passports. After three punts in total, the Bengals marched again in the Red Z1. The result was after a sack at 1st down by Melvin Ingram but the same as in the first half – a Field Goal.

Chiefs vs. Bengals: Interception of Mahomes fueled Bengals comeback

After that, however, the events overturned: Mahomes threw a no-look pass over the middle, which should become a checkdown to Demarcus Robinson. But Defensive Lineman B.J. Hill jumped into the pass, hit him in the air and began the ball itself – Interception Bengals to the 27-yard line! From there, she brought Jah’Marr Chase to the Red Z1 after a screen over 17 yards. And this time, the guests used their chance: Burrov found a 2-yard line a well-concedited chase in the end zone for a touchdown and then Trent Taylor accompanied by 2-point conversion for 21: 21 compensation.

But even afterwards it went on strike on. The Bengals caused a punt through a sack at 3rd down again for a punt, but Burrov also made his first mistake – he threw an interception to L’Jarius Snead to the start of the final district, and Kansas City returned the ball to his own 47. From this, however, the Chiefs also did not do anything, instead she forced Trey Hendrickson with a sack of another punt.

As a result, the guests, led by a few 3rd-down scrambles of Burrow and a 16-yard pass to tea Higgins, marched at least within reach for a 52-yard field goal. The McPherson shivered sovereign and gave the Bengals about six minutes before the end in the game for the first time in the game.

The Chiefs then took the time from the clock and marched in the Red Z1. But instead of going to go, Mahomes not only turned out twice unnecessarily into and stopped the watch for the Bengals, he did not make it deep in the Red Zone to separate from the ball early, instead took two sacks and still had two sacks Happiness that guests do not conquer the fumble at the second sack. With the outgoing clock, Harrison Butker finally met 44 yards and sent the game as in the previous week in the Overtime.

Chiefs vs. Bengals: referee controversy shortly before the end

The Chiefs, as in the divisional Game, won the coin toss and first received the ball. But after two incompletage – the second would have had to be a pick six of Eli Apple – Mahomes finally tried a deep shot to Hill, but Jessie Bates countered him off and Fromn Bell grabbed the interception. In return, McPherson finally met the decisive Field Goal. On the way there, however, there was still a controversial referee decision. After Ienem Run to the 1st Down by Joe Mixon Chiefs-Coach Andy Reid took a timeout and asked for a review with the referees, as Mixon had gone to the ground from his point of view without opponent contact, rewind and then the ball.

The question of the coach: was this a fumble? The referees, however, refused to give him the desire as they decided that the running back had given up the play himself. This makes a review impossible. However, the few video recordings to the scene did not clearly clarify whether it has given opponent contact.

AFC Championship Game: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Result: 24:27 OT (7: 3, 14: 7, 0:11, 3: 3, 0: 3) Boxscore

Chiefs vs. Bengals – The most important statistics

  • With his touchdown pass to Kelce in the first half, Mahomes had been through his Scramble maneuver according to Next Gen Stats 7.94 seconds to the throw. That was the longest time to throw for a touchdown in Mahomes’ entire NFL career!
  • With its 54 Receive Yards, Chase has now collected 279 Receiving Yards in the playoffs. These are most of all for a rookie in the history of the NFL. He overtooked Torry, who came to 242 yards for the Rams in 1999.
  • The Bengals picked up a 18-point residue (3:21). This introduces the record for the largest comeback in an AFC Championship Game. Previously, this managed the Indianapolis Colts after the 2006 season against the Patriots (38:34).
  • For Mahomes, it is only the third bankruptcy at all in the playoffs. And the first for a quarterback that is not called Tom Brady.
  • Burrov is now the first first-overall pick-quarterback in the history of the NFL, who led his team to Super Bowl within his first two seasons in the NFL.

The Star of the Game: Jessie Bates (Safety, Bengals)

Bengals vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2021

Bates and his part man Bell were probably the main reason for the significant increase in performance of the entire Bengals-Secondary late in the second quarter and the rest of the game. Bates was then that, who has prepared the interception in the overtime with his deflection to Bell. He also had a few important tackles.

The Flop of the Game: Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback, Chiefs)

Mahomes (26/39, 275 YDS, 3 TD, 2 INT) began fantastically with three touchdowns in his first three drives. After that, however, the superstar was barely land and made unfamiliar many mistakes. Before the break, he threw safe three points with his pass at the outgoing clock to Hill away, his first interception was bad and then came his questionable final phase: On the way to the Red Zone he kept twice the time for the Bengals with his scrambles From and then he also collected two sacks that did not have to be. The pick in the Overtime was bad luck, but before that he already threw a pass in the arms of Apple, who dropped the ball to his luck. Accordingly, Mahomes took over the reproduction for defeat: “If you lead 21: 3, you can no longer lose that. And that goes on my cap.”

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Analysis: Chiefs vs. Bengals – The tactical panel

  • The Chiefs offensively made what they have been showing for weeks – they took what the Defenses offered them. Mahomes mostly sat on short passports – screens and checkdowns – and let the Playmaker play.

  • The Bengals held mostly 2-high safeties, but also played rather off-coordage, which makes it deien chiefs even easier to throw said short passes. Occasionally, the Bengals also put on single-high concepts, which would then punlize Mahomes with Deep Shots on Hardman or Hill.

  • Defensive Meanwhile, the Chiefs also varied between 2-high and single high-looks, but relyed value to always play on Chase Double Coverage with Safety Help. Partially, contrary to your normal tendencies, they offered three linebackers when they counted with Run plays. In the pairs of plays in which they had Chase in Single Coverage, Burrov sought him consistently – so even with his touchdown.

  • Cincy agreed offensively very reserved, also with rather short passports and run plays, but sometimes even large spacecraft spent – each against light boxes. Play action, in turn, they only put them very dosed, in contrast to the Chiefs, which in this game also also much more often than usual on pre-snap motion and Shifts put to bare and confuse the defense.