Uncharted 4: Treasures – these are all 109 locals

In our Treasure Guide to Uncharted 4 you will learn:

  • What treasures it is in Uncharted 4
  • In which chapters are hidden the treasures
  • How to find all treasures

Also in Nathan Drakes last great adventure Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End there is again numerous secrets, puzzles and treasures to discover. In the largest levels of the series, one or the other detail can be overlooked quickly. With our guide you are always on the right track: we show you the locations of all 109 treasures .

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All treasures in chapter 2: a hellish place

While the first chapter of Uncharted 4 is still without treasure, there are two of them to discover in the next chapter.

Cat pendant from Panama

Uncharted 4 - All 109 Treasure Collectibles

As soon as you have found your gripping hook, you climb in the nearby fountain . There is the first treasure.

Navaja folding knife

The second treasure can be found in the first interior of the prison. Examines the rubble in front of the wide pillar and you hold the Navaja folding knife in your hands.

All treasures in Chapter 3: A job in Malaysia

For Chapter 3, you need a long breath, because three of the four treasures are under water.

Antique chain lock

At the beginning of the chapter, keep right and swims along the rocks up to a tree trunk . The treasure is located below.

chiriqui jewel shark

Swims forward until you bums on two inputs of an underwater tunnel . Take one of the entrances and seek the reason behind it. On the seabed between both entrances is the next treasure hidden.

Antique pocket watch

Arrived at the container, go in northeastern direction by the high grass until you arrive at the rock wall. Behind further grass is the ancient pocket watch.

Antique Game Hall

After swinging back to the container, the missing boxes returned and raised the container, she lands on the ship. Run up the stairs and examines the shelf right .

All treasures in Chapter 6: Once a thief…

After two chapters without treasures, a total of nine treasures are waiting for you in Chapter 6.

Mogul water tank

Samuel first follows through the valley. If you have arrived on the cliffs , stop a moment and looks to the left on the floor.

Nephrite Brass Cup

In the garden with the lemon trees you go to the building behind the house where the guards disappeared. On the right window board lies the Nephrite brass cup.

Viking coat clasp

Returns on the party in the empty room back in which your Sully hit. The treasure lies on a dresser on the left side.


Leave the empty room back and goes to Sam on the balcony on the right side. Go to the right to the ivy wall.

Persian bronze dish

As soon as you have the card from the waiter, the previously sealed door opens and goes to the left. At the very back are several boxes stacked . Here you will find the Persian Bronze Cup.

Brass shaving bowl

Take the stairs to the right next to the door, behind which the guards stop. Hold under the stairs at the barrels look for the treasure.

Syrian vase

Have you left the house, jumps left over the railing and goes to the ladder on the right side. Climbs the ladder up and get along first on the pipe and along the windows until you land on a roof.

Persian candle holder

Return to Sam at the closed gate, which helps you with the next ladder. Climbs it up and does not run to the right with SAM, but to the left for canopy. After you climbed on the roof, is right down a balcony . Lands there with a skilful jump and secure the treasure to one of the columns.

Mogul Dagger

After Nathan crashes in an intermediate sequence towards the end of the chapter, they have to jump in the direction of the metal bar in front of you and drop themselves on the pole below. Jumps on the lead in front of you and let you hang on the left side . Climb to the right and the last treasure of the chapter belongs to you.

All treasures in Chapter 8: The Tomb of Henry Avery

With a total of eleven, Chapter 8 offers the most treasures so far. So here special attention applies!

Canned red clay and silver

The first treasure is the same at the beginning of the chapter. You find him left up on the hill on the small clearing in the snow.


Returns after the first sweetheart and move along the cliffs to the right, until it bums on a small cave with the bronze swine pig.

Wooden, carved alms bowl

As soon as you have defeated the Shoreline soldiers, you go to their warehouse. Crosses the bearing down to the cliff and walk past the big blue box. The treasure is behind it on the rocks.

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carved nut bottle

After using the dynamite from the Shoreline camp to blow up the wooden gate, you must first defeat an opponent wave and plug another pole dynamite. Thus, you blast the boxes in front of the small cave away, in which the carved nut bottle is located.

Travel Intent Fass with Seal

To get to the next sweetheart, you have to get through in the Schlitter Passage to the back. There you can fall on the lower ones and find the treasure in the snowy corner.

ivory skull carving

In front of the big gate to the cemetery is on the left a climbing passage. The treasure lies with a statue .

Scottish ha’penny

As soon as you are in the catacombs, the foggy room examines to your left .

Folding knife

After you have brought the confrontation in the cemetery behind you and Sully reports to you, look up more opponents. In a cave on the left side is the next sweetheart in the right course.

Tin-box singing bird

Also in this area is on the right side a more cave with a treasure. The cave can be reached with a jump.

Schildpatt snuff dose

In the further course of the chapter you will be separated from SAM at a climbing passage before he pulls you back. Let’s fall on the edge left and climbs down the rock wall.

Persian tailor scissors

At the end of the chapter you get into a big cave with two stairs. The last treasure is under the second wooden staircase .

All treasures in Chapter 9: Who is worthy…

In this chapter six treasures have hidden to discover.

Stone Castle Box with Lamp

Run at the beginning of the chapter to the wooden bridge. On the left side you see a little cave with the first treasure.

strange pendant

After the puzzle with the turntables you look at the right over the cliffs. With the gripping hook it goes on a bar over into a cave.


If you helped Sam to climb the broken ladder up, he throws a box down. Opposite the box on the cliff climbs the wall down and collects the treasure.

Tin box

Run after the intermediate sequence with Nadine and Rafe to the bottom right and right back to the corner into a small room with a repeated statue . The treasure lies behind the statue in the corner.

Memento Mori skull watch

With the gripping hook you swing over an abyss and passes with a box further up. On the broken wooden bridge right climbs the wall and gets to the Memento Mori skull watch.

Scottish court rod

Go through the archway into the next area and uses the box for the rope to swing over the abyss. The treasure is hidden behind the barrels and wicker baskets .

All treasures in chapter 10: The twelve towers

15 treasures are available in the tenth chapter to discover.

Sawasa tobacco dose

First follow the road and ride right up the hill until the ruins reached. The treasure lies on the remnants of the tower at the crank.

Weathered Stone Slot Spun

Arrived in the valley with the river, a ** waterfall chopped on the left. Behind it hides a small cave with the weathered stone slot stun.

Mogul powder bottle made of ivory

Behind the bridge you get to a small tower and have to leave the car. Climbing on the tower to mount the treasure.


After carrying the jeep the jeep using the winds the hill, the road follows to the left until you reach some ruins. Hold looking for a box .

Antique fertility symbol

From the ruins it goes straight straight to a stone, which marks a passage between the rocks . For the treasure you have to climb and look to the left.

Pocket Star Card

In Chapter 8, there is a place, arrives at the Nathan’s Jeep with a winch over a bridge. Then you stay on the left side, up to the right side a ruin appears. Examined on the windowsill for the treasure.

English beer bottle

Continue go up the hill until some trucks see in the distance. Climb down and left to another ruin on the rock. Uses Jeep as a climbing aid and blows away the red barrels along the wooden roof. Let yourself fall and take the treasure.

Tin-letter sleeve

In the same area is on the right side a fountain , which you climb down with the winch. Above the cradled bar you get to a lead with the tin-letter sleeve on a table.

Mogul box

Leave the fountain and drive with the Jeep in the area towards the mountains, where you bums on a big rock. On his summit lies the treasure in a ruin on a old barrel next to a wooden shelf.

english musketenbandolier

From the ruin, the previously discovered fountain is visible. Returns there and continue along the cliff the rocks until you reach a cliff. Looking to the left to the ruins, defeated the opponents and blasts the barrel in the center next to the wooden beams to climb to the treasure.

Antique tea seed

Read back to the Jeep and drive to the left by a cave. Then keep right and pass the Red Earth . From there is a further ruin with opponents with opponents and a detonator to blow up the entrance to the rocks. Inside, a treasure is waiting.

Scottish two-pence coin

Ride the main path along to a signal tower . The treasure is upside down on the tower.

Scottish snuff

The next treasure is hidden near the Temple . Looking for an entrance you will find to the left of the main entrance some wooden boxes with the treasure.

Jug of brass and ivory

Inside the temple there is another sweetheart on a stack of wooden boxes .

Pocket pistol

In the same room of the temple you can find another treasure if you blast the wooden boxes on the right side .

All treasures in Chapter 11: Visible and yet hidden

The next chapter falls a little shorter with a total of five treasures than the previous chapters.

Earthener Krug

Run down the stairs and take a further staircase in the dark alley with the first treasure of the chapter.

Antique compass

On the right side of the marketplace a dealer sells a compass. Negotiate with him and gets the next treasure.

Bowl of Nephrite and Jade

Climbing through the open window into the church and addiction from the main hall left a small room.

Dagger with ivory

For the next sweetheart you have to climb up the bell tower **, past the big bell except for a balcony.

Globe hand warmer made of brass

The last treasure of the chapter hides in the rubble of the bell , which crashes after pressing.

All treasures in Chapter 12: At Lake

In this chapter, most of the 13 treasures can be reached from the boat.

Toba box with combination lock

Controls to the first big island and keep to the left along the coast until you come to a spot with many palm trees . The first treasure lies between the broken boxes.

Brass pocket sun clock

For the second sweetheart you drive to the boat to the shipwreck opposite the coast and dives to mount the treasure inside the wreck .

Jug of silver and wood

Follow your target point and reach the island with the lighthouse. Look at the rear coast after a skeleton on a wooden beam . Under the rock right lies the treasure.

Persian silver spring box

Continue along the coast to a cave with another treasure inside.

Pendant from Panama

On a small beach of the island you can go to land and the next sweetheart behind a rock mountains.

Persian leather notebook envelope

As soon as you have to follow the arrows in the chapter, you do not go to the cave in front of the last arrow, but along the rock wall clockwise along and jumps from the roof of your boat to the cliff. Climb the lead and collects the treasure up.

Bronze Dekkan Beak

From the temple you reached right into a cave with the next sweetheart.

Mogul Elephant Carving

If Sam disappears , jumps to the next platform. The treasure lies on the wall on the right side.

Ottomanic helmet

In the further course of the route your comes past a tower , in whose inside another treasure is left at the barrels.

Bronze Dekkan vase

Swinging from the tower to the other side and tries to land on the platform before the muddy slope . Behind the rock wall left lies the treasure in the bushes.

strange reliqu

Now you can slip down the muddy slope and follow the way to the left to a wall lead. Climb up and uses the branch of the tree to swing to find the treasure on the other side.

Mythical Hamsa Goose

Back on the main path, you swing you with the gripping hook on the big statue to the second statue, where the treasure is hidden.

Schildpatt box with piqué

Rope at the spear of the big statue and look for a room with Inemptories on a table. goes first back to the right and swims to the right.

All treasures in Chapter 13: Shipwreck

In this chapter, five treasures are hidden, which can be found.

Persian ring

After Nate has fallen into the depth, her climbs on the large rock wall to the right to a deletion with the first treasure.

Wooden jug

The second treasure can be found after the next intermediate sequence. Fixes the gripping hook on a branch and swings you through the waterfall in a cave . Clear to the left, the sweetheart lies near the entrance on the ground.


Go deeper into the cave until your knee deep in the water stands. Search the crates in front of you after the treasure.


When the first opponents are defeated, it works through the jungle to a wall , which must climb up. Go to the cave and jumps over the branch. Behind it hides the decorative dutch.


While her crawls through the collapsed building , looks for a hole in the wall on the right side. The treasure lies under the wooden floor.

All treasures in chapter 14: with me in paradise

Nine treasures await you in Chapter 14 of Uncharted 4.

Carved bird sculpture from horn

Pay attention at the beginning of the chapter on the cart , which is behind the window on the right. There is the first treasure hidden.

Mogul vase

To the right of the tombstone in the building, you will find the Mogul vase left in the storage room .

Antique stew

Speak outside the house with Sam and then go to the right of the statue of Henry Avery in jail. The treasure lies in the third cell.

Painted copper bottle

From prison, it goes right through a house to an underground room. Pay attention to the icon on the wall and take the ladder to the right, where the treasure is on the right side.

restricted vase

Contributes to the first opponents of the chapter. After you rush into the building, climbs from the outside the façade to the treasure up .

Folding knife

After another fight, it goes up on a tower and from there with the gripping hook. Walks before the abyss to the right to the cliff and uses the gripping hook on the branch to get to the hiding place with the treasure.

Big bronze wild pig

Now goes through the window and swings you over the abyss. In the left room waits the big bronze wild pig.

Mogul serving can

Go after the mud slide inside the building and take the stairs up where the treasure lies on the right side.

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Mogul Jade Bottle

After the first firefight on the cliff Sam and Nathan fall into a basement full of boxes. Go to the destroyed area of ​​the room and climbs along the wall until you bums on a small projection with the treasure.

All treasures in Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia

Only a single treasure hidden in this chapter and is right in the initial area.

Emerald bottle

Goes directly at the beginning of the chapter to the left around the overturned cabinet around to mount the emerald bottle.

All treasures in Chapter 16: The Drake Brothers

There is a little more done in this chapter. After all, three treasures are waiting here.

Toy soldier

The first treasure lies on the right side of the garden on the bench behind the fountain.

Toy water plane

In the house you come in a room with a sarcophagus . After the intermediate sequence, the stairs go up to the locked door. The treasure is right in front of it.

Pirate snow globe

Climb after the Photo of Nathan and Sam up the wall and jumps to the wooden railing. Behind it lies the pirate snow globe on the sofa.

All treasures in Chapter 17: In good as in bad days

In this chapter, six treasures are waiting to be discovered.

Mogul Kelch vase

Help Elena high and goes up left of her to the cliff to mount the first treasure.

Mogul lid box

Defeat the first two opponents and goes to the broken stairs near the elevator .

Serving bowl made of jade

Eliminates the wooden beams on the waterwheel with the winch of the car and is looking for the treasure on the balcony of the house.

Antique stone bowl

As soon as Elena is upset with the Jeep in the elevator , run around the rock wall.

Incenseer from tin

You come to a bridge bridge , which can only be overcome with enough momentum. Follow the river until you bums on the right side on a hut. Climbs the back through the window and searches the bushes.

Combination lock from the 18th century

Climb for the last treasure on the second water wheel in front of the big elevator.

All treasures in Chapter 18: New Devon

Slowly, the hunt goes for the treasures in the final spurt. Eight of them have hidden in this chapter.

restricted mogul vase

At the beginning of the gate, turn left into the corner behind the wood cruise .

Small Mogul Dagger

Climbs on the stone in the middle and from there on the wooden beams. Jump to the right until the last cage with the skeleton , where the treasure hides.

Mogul candle holder

Jump into the water and hold you left at the wall . Goes to land and look for the treasure in the last wall bow.

Round Mogulbox

When the first opponents are defeated, it floats through a cave. On the skeleton of a raised woman you cross the river and finds the treasure in the bushes near the waterfall.

Mogul headdress

In the further course, Nathan crashes with Elena through a roof and she ends up in the water. Dives before the entrance of the next building and attacks the treasure in the left corner.

Spanish brasskelch

The next sweetheart is right in the building in front of you. Go to the left, the wall climbs to the right and through the bedroom, up to a hall full of sofas . Looking behind the last piece of furniture after the brasskelch.

Paint Mogul Elephant

Before Avery’s estate some canons . Go past them and looks right around the corner. The treasure lies on the house wall.

Mogul dishes

At the end of the chapter Nathan should find a switch . Run the spiral staircase up and mounts the sweetheart upstairs on the dresser.

All treasures in Chapter 19: Averyes descent

Only two treasures can be found in this chapter.

Antique stone vessel

After the exploding mummies, it goes down a slope. Pay attention to the mummy on the right side , which can be examined. Left of it leads a tunnel to the first treasure.

Decorative Mogul Bowl

The second treasure of the chapter is in the tunnel left of the two mermaid statues in the cave.

All treasures in Chapter 20: No escape

Have you found all previous treasures, just ten left. There are five of them in this chapter.

Jade flower trailer

After the first rock wall, a ship’s cemetery reveals . Uses the gripping hook right on the right, climbs right up and climbing another rock wall.

Fayence Bartmannskrug

If all the figures are reunited, you run down the first stairs and after left into the small building .

restricted jadevase

Jump to the bridge on the right into the water and swims under the right building. Climbing through the hole into the house to the treasure.

Painted beak vase

Nathan and Sam are separated in the further course. Go right into the first house and the upper floor . The treasure lies on the left side.

Mogul Perfume Bottle

Enter the place with the statue in the middle. Left behind you and climbs through the hole into the house .

All treasures in chapter 21: My brother guardian

Here, a total of four treasures can be recovered.

Mogul bird from email

After the first footprints of Sam you need the gripping hook. Rotate in a momentum and jumps to the platform behind you.

Stone vase

In the cave with the bluish shimmering water lies the treasure in a wooden box at the back short jump on the rock wall.

strange fruit

As soon as you over AVERYS ship abseil, you can jump on the right side of the rock wall to a lead and the treasure mountains.

Rajasthan box

When Nathan falls into the water in the end and to swim on the ship, turn right on land and collects the treasure.

All treasures in chapter 22: The end of a thief

In chapter 22 there is still one last treasure to discover.

Mogul Egg Pendant

Images at the beginning of the chapter and swims right into the cave . At his end is the last treasure of the game.

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