Uncharted: Fineral trailer released the movie

Shortly before theaters, Sony makes advertising for the uncharted film in the form of an amazingly short trailer.

UNCHARTED - Final Trailer (HD)
We are actually used to it today that trailers felt longer about new films from year to year and more and more anticipated by the respective act and the optical highlights. A video that is for three minutes is no longer a rarity. In the case of “Uncharted” Sony keeps himself a surprisingly strong in the final trailer. The thing is just one and a half minutes.

In addition, the trailer consists of many scenes that we already know. The moment, in the Nathan Drake, played by Spider-Man-Star Tom Holland, on the cargo leaving from a flying plane, jump around (we know exactly so from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception), is already in the previous one Work clips to be included. But that does not mean that there is nothing new to see. Cat fans will look forward to the end, for example.

In the US, “Uncharted” starts on February 11 in the cinemas, in this country, he is only a week later, more precisely to see from the 17th of February on the Great Canvas. Then show how well Tom Holland really makes himself as a young Nathan Drake. His mentor Sully is embodied by Mark Wahlberg, for which “Uncharted” is not the first video game film. In 2008 he slipped into the role of Max Payne, which has brought him little praise. Also included are Sophia Ali (“Gray’s Anatomy”) as Chloe and Antonio Banderas as a villain Moncada. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, who made the two “Zombieland” films and “Venom”.