Valorant: There will be Skins and a free battle pass for the Year of Tiger

The celebration of the Lunar New Year usually has space in Riot Games games. Mainly in League of Legends, but now Valorant joins the party with a thematic collection. Considering that it is the year of tiger , the company tried to paint some weapons and deliver cosmetics that have a festive flavor.

Through an official video, Riot Games presented both the new skins and a free battle pass. In the same way, there will be a night market inspired by Asian festival, so it is a good time to spend some valorant points remaining in new additions to the collection. About the free pass, players will accumulate experience that will allow the acquisition of limited cosmetics. Such as sprays, pendants and player cards with references to the Lunar New Year. As an extra data, the protagonist agents are Jett, Neon and Sage, of Asian origin.

On the new set of aspects, is called tigris . Contrary to what we can think, the chosen colors are not orange or black stripes: golden shades were preferred next to a black paint and red lights. The weapons chosen for the Skins set are the following:


* Phantom
* Operator
* Knife

Citing the revelation trailer, the Tigris Skins are premium rarity . What it means, that each will cost 1775 VP or 7100 VP throughout the package. If we are only going through the knife, we will have to spend 3500 VP.

The Lunar New Year begins on February 1, which is why some Asian leagues are paused. However, the tigris skins and the free battle pass will arrive with the patch 4.02 , which will arrive this week with punctual adjustments to the game. It should be mentioned that the arrival of the year of the tiger means that the package Protocol 781 -A will come out of the stores. According to what is seen inside Valorant, we have until February 2 to buy it. It is a different approach than usual, since it gives voice to arms.