With voice capture technology, startup traces profile of new customers

Covid-19 pandemic boosted the use of audio technology by Brazilians. The startup of Audio Capture and Analysis, Audiomind, bet on technology to bring up your customers’ enterprises. The solutions developed by the Company help institutions to capture the voice of potential customers and trace a complete profile, with information from sex and age and even feelings.

The resource helps companies understand better who are their audiences consumers and what kind of service or product they seek. A realized startup survey pointed out that 82% of the leads generated via audio, that is, potential customers who have sent voice messages to companies interested in some product or service, were converted into sales.

The study also revealed that companies that redesigned their sites and make available the option of voice surveys, had a 30% increase in business achievement.

For the idealizers Alfredo Salles and Diego Viriato, in Brazil the audio technology is still very concentrated on radios, podcasts and in the consumption of songs, with people only as listeners.

However, it argues that it is possible to go beyond with solutions that allow companies not only to speak, but listen to their customers in order to offer solutions that go against what they need.

“We are witnessing a new era of audio communication. Virtual assistants triggered through voice, commands data to smartphones to perform activities, all this is already possible, but the tendency is to be increasingly connected, with the recorders interacting with us and understanding exactly who we are and what we seek, “he says. Salles.