According to Jeff Grubb, Microsoft would prepare its own Hunter Monster

Microsoft CONFIRMS Monster Hunter Clone? Xbox News and Rumours!
To believe the American journalist and his last intervention on GiantBomb (relayed by VGC), Microsoft would have mandated the studio certain affinity to set up a Monster Hunter emulator, especially intended to come populate a space left empty by Capcom on the Game Pass.

This information cuts those of Windows Central \ – which, as this good Jarod, have tended to come together regularly the rumors of Giantbomb vis-à-vis Microsoft, among other things. The idea would be to have a playful title in cooperation to expand the offer of the Game Pass, to the extent that, according to Grubb, the Monster Hunter original would probably be too expensive.

Affinity is an independent Texan studio (with an antenna in Toronto), which has worked on the Halo and Call of Duty series. We know that they have been working since February on a new license, a Triple-A game oriented action, known for the moment under the name of Project Suert according to Windows Central. The work would have started in 2020 for an output in 2024 and a popular communication next year.