FC Bayern: Kimmich beats alarm: “Everyone has to question themselves”

Football record champion FC Bayern has conceded a regular extrema on Saturday at promoted VfL Bochum. After 2: 4 (1: 4) of his Munich manager Joshua Kimmich alarm hit. With a statement he will probably also keep the followers of the BVB.

“We have seen over the whole game certainly showed our worst seasonal performance and missing all the virtues,” Joshua scolded Kimmich after playing at “Sky” and put his finger in the wound: “If that happens once in the season, that’s ok. But we have happened to us more often. We have to be careful. “

Already in the DFB Cup, the Bundesliga leader with 0: 5 was surprisingly clearly bathing. From the targeted title Kimmich and Co. had to say goodbye early. In the league it was the so far fourth defeat in this season.

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The bankruptcy against Bochum has loudly the midfielder “to do with the way” as the team is concerned with the game: “We are even 1-0 in the lead and then get four goals within 20, 25 minutes. Everyone has to question each other if everyone has given everything. That must not happen to us at the level, not in this clarity. “

Nevertheless, Kimmich looked at the strong performance of the opponent: “The Bochum did not do that badly, we have to acknowledge that it was a deserved defeat.”

Good for the team of head coach Julian Nagelsmann, that the previous Bundesliga season was full of plan. This also emphasized Joshua Kimmich with a view of pursuber Borussia Dortmund: “Luckily,” said the 26-year-old, “it just happened to us in the Bundesliga”.

So it is located on the BVB and its cutting on Sunday (15:30 clock) at the 1st FC Union Berlin, whether the previous projection of nine counters remains or shrinks on six points. For the time being, best cards on the championship continues to have Bayern – despite the bitter bankruptcy against Bochum.