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LOL: The rarest interaction of skills and how it really works

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The mechanical inconsistent and interactions of League of Legends generate a multitude of questions and curiosities between the community. A “What would happen if…” _ Constant to which, fortunately, is not too complicated to find an answer. However, there is a big problem at the time of being firm with them: the game does not always behave in the same way with all the champions. A discovery that has become evident in one of the latest curiosities answered on the game.

What happens if we upload the level of a skill while we use it?

The question is brought, but fortunately it is easy to make a case review by case thanks to the practice tool. It is possible that it is not the best function of League of Legends, but it offers us a small experimental laboratory with which we can answer the question. The truth is that the result in case we raise the skills after throwing them and before they affect a rival depends on what spell we are using ** and what our champion is.

The creator of content League of Poro has done the relevant tests only to realize that he does not always get the same result. Most of the skills present in League of Legends do increase your damage If we increase your level while they are in the air. However, there are exceptions. Good examples are Caitlyn and Jinx. The Piltover shooter sees the damage of the definitive of it increased from it if we put an extra point while she travels, but the same thing does not happen with the Q (Piltover Pacifying). She passes the opposite with Jinx, the W (change!) Yes will remove more points of life, while it does not affect the R sheen (Mortal Supermegachete!).

So far I could not determine what is the common factor that determines what skills they will increase or not their damage depending on whether we upload them level after the launch. However, we know some curiosities such as the modifiers apply even after hitting the first enemy. In any case, we must always upload the spell we have launched since in most cases it will increase our damage. A situation that does not stop reflecting the inconsistency of League of Legends.