Uncharted movie has an interesting cameo

Next week will finally premiere the movie of _ uncharted _. In this way, it is no surprise to hear what specific information about what happens on this tape is already circulating over the Internet, especially considering that several media had already had the opportunity to see the new work of Tom Holland. It’s so it has been revealed that this feature feature has a quite interesting cameo.

WATCH OUT. Spoilers below:

After Nathan Drake, in charge of Tom Holland, and Chloe Frazer, played by Sophia Ali, arrive at a Pacific Island, this after the sequence of action on the plane we have seen in the trailers, the duo meets A known person. Here, a man asks the adventurers about how they will arrive at that location. To this, Drake answers that he from a car fallen from an airplane . Immediately, the person points out that this has also happened to him.

That’s right, as they surely imagine it, that known man is nothing more and nothing less than Nolan North , the actor who was in charge of giving life to Nathan Drake in the games created by Naughty Dog. This should not be a big surprise, since previous images revealed that North was on the set of recordings.

The movie of unchart will reach the cinemas next February 17, 2022 . On related topics, Tom Holland has played _unchart 4, _ and it was. Similarly, the director of this tape is working on an adaptation of JAK and DAXTER.

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Editor’s note:

The appearance of Nolan North was something quite obvious. However, it is good to see that the actor’s past like Nathan Drake is not forgotten, and she is a wink that fans of games will surely appreciate. Now we only have to see what is the quality of this tape.