FC Bayern | “Ridiculous”, “joke

In recent days, the Bundesliga discussed intensively about the introduction of playoffs. The aim of the thought games is to increase the tension in the title fight, which FC Bayern has dominated in the last ten years of will. Munich Boss Oliver Kahn was even open to the idea, thus causing irritations in the former club president Uli Hoeneß.

“That’s his opinion – my opinion is not. I think that’s ridiculous. In the Bundesliga, the master should become the best after 34 match days and who gone through fat and thin with his team,” Hoeneß said on Monday evening in a Talbunden of the Austrian station “Servus TV” clear.

The 70-year-old did not make good hair at the concept: “That’s just a law against Bayern Munich! That has nothing to do with tension.”

Kahn had recently explained in the “kicker” to “be open for new ideas”. The approach was brought into the game of the new DFL boss Donata Hops.

At Hoenß, the 45-year-old has not yet been a good stand. “The new managing director of the DFL thinks about how to break the dominance of Bayern. And there are you on this idea,” the long-standing success manager of the record champion Giving a comparison with: “There are playoffs in any great league in the world, not in England, not in Spain, not in Italy, not in France.”

FC Bayern: Playoffs for Hoeneß “A Joke Idea”

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Hoeneß also cares about the health of the players who have hardly stopped by the tightly clocked schedule.

“If you are in the game plan we have anyway, at the end of the season, when all are broken, even semi-finals and fins make – that’s what I think for a joke idea!”, The Honorary President of the FC Bayern Knallhart judged.