Uncharted 4 Guide: Where are all treasures of Chapter 2, “An Infernal Place”

One of the sagas of video games where the more sense has to achieve 100% collectibles is that of Nathan Drake because of its desire to get all kinds of treasures . And surely, as a result of the premiere of the Uncharted movie you have come to rejugate the Uncharted 4: the outcome of the PS4 thief or its recent remasterization for PS5, Uncharted: Legacy Collection of the Thieves.

If you crave the distinction of “Expert Cazatesoros” you will have to strive a lot, when overcoming this delivery again the hundred treasures. Do not forget that the first adventure had 61 treasures, reaching up to 101 in Uncharted 2: The Kingdom of Thieves. ** And how many treasures are in Uncharted 4?

Panamanian cat pendant

Obvious the prologue and the first chapter, where there are no treasures, the first stop takes us to the second chapter, entitled “An infernal place”. And the first treasure of him has no loss. Look at the capture above to place yourself . After taking the hook of the work table located at Nathan’s back, heavily lowered by the well and takes the Panamanian cat pendant that is a few meters away. Easy.

Navajo folding knife

UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End Walkthrough Part 2 · Chapter 2: Infernal Place (100% Collectibles)
After climbing through the prison that falls into pieces and go through one of his two windows, you will see that treasure hidden in one of the pillars of the floor below.

And it is already, with this you will have obtained the unique Hidden Treasures of Chapter 2 in Uncharted 4: The Lawn from the Thief **. There will be other episodes with more than a dozen, so be prepared, although as usual as usual by episode are half a dozen as much. After all, there are many episodes and treasures…