How to get blue and arkanin in Pokemon Masters EX

There are many ways to get different synchronization pairs in Pokémon Masters Ex. Sometimes the game allows you to add Dex for free! To get Blue and Arkanin You want to go to to conduct research at the bottom of the main game of the game.

Pokemon Masters EX Special Sync Pair Event Blue and Arcanine
Here you will choose Events Option, followed by Special Event Couple Synchronization For Blue and Arkanin . The first mission in the event of the event, Blue Blind will provide you 4 stars Blue and Arkanin Synchronization of the pair for use in the game.

You can take part in boss battles for getting vouchers for events throughout the event. If you go to the exchange of items at the bottom of the event page, you can exchange them vouchers for events for items that will help to increase Blue and Arkanine potential.

TO Blue and Arkanin Event ends on March 3, 2022, after which the synchronization pair will not be available.

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