Türkkengücü: debt at the competition

For in the summer of 2021, the emporstigling went the money from the main shareholder Hasan Kivran from the 6th to the 3rd league, still on a shopping trip and iced with Paterson Chato a professional with second divorcor format from SV Wehen Wiesbaden. Almost 200,000 euros were worth the services of the fight-strong defensive alrourers’ services. Fully paid but the transfer is not yet. After Wehen Wiesbaden information, TurkGücü owes the SVWW in the chato thing still a six-digit sum. Whether there are still evaluations for more transfers, TurkGücü did not want to answer on request. The bankruptcy application forbidden it that official took over interna, a club spokesman said to demand.

Just about a year ago, with KFC Uerdingen, another, investor-controlled club from the 3rd league had to compete in bankruptcy. After the mismanagement of the era Mikhail Ponomarev currently threatens the crash into the Oberliga. In addition, the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, who used the favor of the hour, who used insolvency criteria because of the pandemic, and got ridicified in self-administration of a large part of his contaminated sites. Again, the competition was chat, for which transfers Philipp Hercher (Sonnenhof Großaspach) and Janik Bachmann (Würzburger Wehen Wiesbadens) to the FCC remained open high sums.


The financial buildings of some third division raises all kinds of questions, even to the ligabeer DFB, the Turkkücü with the insolvency application and unused liquidity gaps now a total of eleven points to followed. Specifically, this: What did the Turkish Cunters have deposited with liquidity certificates in the Otto Speck Cord in Frankfurt / Main? Cash? Guarantees? Or rather lotto notes in the hope for six right velvet supermarket?

_ A detailed background for the insolvency application of TurkGücü Munich and to the economic problems of the third divisions read in the Monday edition of the Wehen Wiesbaden (already from Sunday evening as a magazine). _