Maple Story X Wadiz, convenience of 22 kinds of funding

Nexon announced on the 21st that the “Pangs Maker” project, which is a crowdfunding platform, “Pangs Maker” projects with Warddish, and started funding.

Nexon and Wadigids have selected 11 start-ups through the “Pangs Maker” project participants who open the IP to the Creator last year, did.

The finalized licensing product 22 species consist of various ideas products that are exceeding the existing Goodies, and the ‘Maple Story’ user, as well as the ‘Maple Story’ user, as well as the “fansian” It is expected.

The main character, ‘Pink Bin’, ‘Yytie’, ‘Stone’s Elemental’, ‘Orange Mushroom’, “Calligraphy Mushroom”, ‘Slaim’, Wireless Charger, Humidifier, Camping Cool Bag & Picnic Mat & Speakers, puppy hats, golf clips, such as golf clips, such as lines, up to products that will shoot consumers’ tastes.

Maple Story Heroes vs Pianus [ dray86 ]
Both companies support Nexon Cashbox, which can be used for the selected makers to the selected makers, and the Employees of Nexon Soviet, It provides a variety of publicity opportunities through the video.

Product Funding Participation is available from February 21 to March 7, from February 21 to March 7,

The Nexon Worthy Court IP Business Team Leader said, “The game fans, as well as the consumers who participate in the development, and the consumers who meet the product, and a great opportunity to build new contacts with the” Maple Story “.” I hope to get a little power. “

Meanwhile, ‘Fangsmaker’ is a project that Wadigi is a project that is a project to manager and develops a manufacturer directly through an IP partners and a direct maker through online, Proceed to.

For more information on Wadardiz X Maple Story, see Wadigiz homepage.