NBA All-Star Game: Gamewinner of LeBron, Record

What a finish! The 71. All-Star Game has thrilled the fans in Cleveland with a record show of Stephen Curry, an entertaining fourth quarter and ultimately the Gamewinner of LeBron James to 163: 160 for Tean Lebron. The MVP trophy creams curry.

The Warriors star caught a seven day from the Dreierland and sent himself to break a record after another. Curry sinked 16 threesome (at 27 experiments, a total of 17/30 FG), a player has never met by Downtown in an All-Star Game. Only the point crow (52, Anthony Davis) was denied curry that finished the game with 50 meters.

For this curry was completely earned with eleven of twelve voices completely as a MVP of All-Star Games 2022, for the first time in his career. For the final point, however, LeBron caused the most person who brought his team to his team by Gamewinner in a compromised entertaining finish. The so-called Elam ending with a target point in the final portion made itself paid again.

For LeBron, it was the last and most important of its 24 points (8 assists), Giannis Antetokounmpo also made a strong game (30, 12 rebounds and 6 assists at 15/21 FG). On the other side, for Team Durant Joel Embiid with 36 points to defend, otherwise Devin Booker (20), Lamelo Ball (18) or DEJOUNT MURRAY (17) convinced by the bank.

The format of the All-Star Games is likely to be known from previous years. Team LeBron and Team Durant dueled into three mini-games in the first three quarters in which they fought $ 100,000 for charitable purposes. In the final section, the target score ending was used, the scores from the first three passes were collapsed and added 24 meters in honor of Kobe Bryant to the account balance of the leader. Anyone achieving this end of this end of the target is the winner of the All-Star Games 2022.

NBA All-Star Game: Dunk Show and Money for Charity

Before the spectacle on the Court began, Dirk Nowitzki celebrated a small guest appearance when he presented Team Durant. Magic Johnson took over the idea of ​​Team LeBron. The Warriors Stars Draymond Green and Curry Buh concerts came from the fans, the loudest it became for Darius Garland as well as Jarrett all in their home games – and for LeBron James, who recently not excluded a return to the Cavs.

A few hours before the start of the game, Team LeBron had to cope with the disease-related failure of Donovan Mitchell, on the other hand, KD was not at the short term due to a death in the family. He would not have played due to a violation anyway. For that, Morant, Trae Young, Jayson Tatum, Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embid were allowed to Team Durant from the start.

Team LeBron started with curry, Demar Derozan, LeBron, Giannis and Nikola Jokic. The Greek Freak initiated the event with a first Dunk, curry immediately let a threesome follow. But the first highlight set Morant with a jump-used reverse alley OOP. The two teams obviously tried to comment on the disappointing Dunk contest from the previous day, but there was still a lack of fine tuning in some alley-OOP applications. But just morant or Zach Lavine with a 360 dunk for first hammer.

Until 1:30 minutes before the end, Defense was completely faulty, the first quarter was balanced until this point. With the first $ 100,000 for charity on the game, something “intense” has now been defended. Luka Doncic but hardly did that, his two threesome in a row brought Team Lebron to the winning road (47:45) – and the Kent State I Promise Scholars Program a nice donation.

NBA: Curry runs hot – Lebron with the Gamewinner

In the second section, Ball and Murray set with a more than nice showtime-alley-Oop or Rudy Gobert with a 360 the first highlights. Team Durant, thanks to the reservists, gave himself a slight advantage before curry fingered with some threes from the parking lot fire. Morant stopped with the next spectacular Alley Oop, this time including 360, against it. After the return of the starters, Team Lebron held exciting, but the second section went to Team Durant at 49:46. Thus, $ 100,000 to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank went.

After a long half-time show, in which the top 75 of the NBA history was presented and honored in detail, it took something until both teams rendered their rhythm. Team Durant succeeded a little faster, but curry was at the latest after a one-legged threesome – his tenth of the evening, All-Star Game record! – Fully there again.

The shot of the chef was only ridiculous. The series of five triples in a row, one deeper than the other, ended only with an attempt from the centerline. Nevertheless, Team Durant had long an advantage in this passage. Steals and Dunks from Giannis brought Team Lebron back in front, but ultimately ended the third quarter 45:45. Thus, both teams shared the donation for their charity.

With an intermediate between 139: 138 for Team Durant, it was in the final section, the Final Target Score was thus at 163 points. Now, however, Garland and LeBron of Steph’s hot hand could be infected. Defensively both teams switched a walk higher, as a block of Giannis against Bucks colleague Khris Middleton.

Subsequently, Giannis and LeBron even cleared Embiid, who had long resisted against the curry spectacle for a long time. Clutch-King Derozan brought Team LeBron with a FadeAway up to 2 meters to victory. Zach Lavine shortened again to 160: 161 – the next basket could decide the game.

This possibility could not take Lebron in his old home. He got the ball in high post, put on long FadeAway… Nothing But Net! By Gamwinner, King felt the victory at most. Team LeBron stands in All-Star Games with a perfect balance of 5-0.

NBA All-Star Game 2022: The most important statistics

Team Lebron vs. Team Durant 163: 160 (Boxscore)

  • Already at the half-time break Curry had a record safe and the next two already as good as in his pocket. Its 8 threesome (at 11 attempts) In a half-time of an all-star games, there was never before, the record for a game was 9 successful Triples (Paul George 2016). Curry had quickly cracked in the third quarter, just like the all-time-three-record in all-star games that previously held James Harden (39). Curry now has 47 triples on the account!
  • On another record, the two teams just tried over. At the collapsed 187 meters for half-time break (94:93 for Team Durant) only two dots lacked the best value set up in 2017.
  • At the point of view of the starting five of the two teams, GM LeBron had to be attested to the better job in the All-Star Draft before the start of the game. But at the compilation of the bank, KD has praise. Led by Booker (20), Murray (17) and Lamelo (18) The Reservists of Team Durant had a significant advantage over Team LeBron (87:39), which gave them the victory in the second quarter.
  • With his use in the second quarter, Lamelo Ball now became highly efficient to the fourth-year-old All-Star in the history of the event. With his 20 years and 182 days, he is now ranked behind Magic Johnson (20 years, 173 days), LeBron (20 years, 52 days) and by far the recent all-star of all time Kobe Bryant (19 years, 169 days).

NBA All-Star Game 2022: The votes to the game

Stephen curry over…

LeBron James GAME-WINNER at 2022 NBA All-Star ????????

… the award as MVP with the new Kobe-Bryant trophy: “That’s something very special. To be back in Ohio, to play with the best players of the league and then also this trophy. She has one Very special significance in memory of Kobe and Gigi and all we lost two years ago. I really appreciate that. “

… his threesome explosion: “I put a lot of work in my game and now I can have a little fun. If I got in a ride, the game has turned to the right direction.”

NBA All-Star Game – The Star of the Game: Stephen Curry

Was that still the all-star Game or just a preview for NBA 2K23 with ultrareistic graphics? With the Splash Brother, it made Splash as if he were in training against cardboard displays – where of course the defense in the All-Star Game was not necessarily more in the first three quarters. Anyway, Curry’s trial show was almost exaggerated.

NBA All-Star Game 2022: The action of the game

Here one could stand by the 16 (!) Curry-threesters, for example as he almost crushed from the centerline, immediately turned freezing cold, the Wilson did not go behind and, of course, still landed in the basket. The Dunk spectacle of yes Morant should also be mentioned. This man has to be in the Dunk contest!

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