How to defeat icebreakers in Horizon Forbidden West?

To effectively combat the Frostclaw car in Horizon Forbidden West, players should target the car. Chilouother Sak . This will turn off its ability to use the attacks of ice elementals, which will help ELA in battle with this formidable machine. Players can also benefit from its spontaneous weaknesses of fire and shock .

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Ice Clage Information

Advantages and disadvantages

Players can attack cars with various spontaneous attacks. Elementary attacks in the game include fire, shock, frost, plasma, sewage and acid. Ice claw will be weak to damage from fiery and shock attacks. They are strongly against damage from ice attacks.

Body parts

Frostclaw has several different parts of the body, but each of them will give different mining and apply different damage to the machine when attacking players. Ice claw body parts:

  • Body
  • Cold bag
  • Sparker
  • Cold water block
  • Container resources


Machines in Horizon Forbidden West will fall out different items, many of which are specific for each type of machines. Some can be reoped with a fallen machine, and others will need to be removed (shoot an arrow or remove the spear) until the car is still alive. A long list of items will fall from the ice claw:

  • Metal fragments (general) – falls out of the body
  • piercing spike (rare) – falls out of the body
  • Cold water (unusual) – falls out of the body, a bag with ice water and a device with ice water.
  • Ice Claw Circulator * (unusual) – falls out of the body
  • Machine muscles (unusual) – falls out of the body
  • The main nerve of the ice claw * (rare) – falls out of the body and ice water.
  • The average machine core (rare) – falls out of the body and ice water.
  • Braided wire (general) – falls out of the body and ice water.
  • Durable solid plate (general) – falls out of the body and ice water.
  • Metal bone (rare) – falls out of the body
  • Sparkker (general) – falls out of sparker.
  • Flying sludge (very rare) – falls out of cold water.
  • Embossing Ice Claw Bag * (rare) – drops out of cold water.
  • explosive paste (rare) – falls out of cold water.

* Items marked with an asterisk fall exclusively from the frostclaw car.


In Horizon Forbidden West boilers allow players to override the machines inside this boiler after its completion. The completion of the boiler usually means passing through the corridors, similar to the dungeon, and a collision with a boss at the end. Ice claw is part Chi wins the boiler .

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