Wacky Wizards Meteor Update Update

Carefully, a massive meteor crashed into the city. Stupid wizards! As of February 23, 2022, the update “Meteor” is already available inside the gameplay, and with it a new storage system of ingredients, new features of friends and even a completely new card appeared! To read these changes in more detail, continue reading below.

New map

To the surprise of many players, Wacky Wizards just introduced a new, more separate design card. In this updated design, shown in the screenshots below, specific areas have been created for each previous update, and there is also enough space for future updates.

New storage system ingredients

To fit a rebuilt map, a new storage box appeared next to the tables of the players ingredients. In this box, which is called the Heritage Storage, there are all ingredients that can no longer receive, performing quests.

This includes a ghost, an alien parasite, a cooked turkey, a gingerbread man and others. Fortunately, however, these ingredients did not completely disappear from Wacky Wizards – from now on, they simply need to be unlocked using precious stones.


New Friends Functions

Now another new addition to Wacky Wazards is available, the ability to teleport to friends and give access to the boiler to other players. To interact with these changes, just go to your book of potions and find permissions button. Here you can scroll through the list of players who are now on your server, and choose who you want to provide access to the boiler.

To teleport to friends, you need to make sure that the friend is on the same server as you. If they are, you can teleport to them at any time with Teleport button.

Is there new potions?

At the time of publication of this article, no new ingredients or potions were added to METEOR. It is likely that in two weeks, March 2, 2022, we will see a new ingredient in honor of the new card.

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