Cup winner for SPVGG Erkenschwick: Michael Lusch helps

The SPVGG Erkenschwick is in the eternal table of the 2nd Bundesliga in place 95. The 118 games on a second-rate level will probably not get any further on foreseeable time, you also know in Erkenschwick, but currently in eight in the sixth-class Westfalenliga is then a bit little. David Sawatzki cost the coaching job in mid-February. In summer, Magnus Niemöller will take over, which led the TuS holders on the lake between 2016 and 2020 from the Westfalenliga to the Regionalliga and previously worked in Erkenschwick as coach in the youth and men’s area.

And in the meantime? Here, Erkenschwick found a prominent solution: Michael Lusch, 267-Palige Bundesliga player (Borussia Dortmund, 1st FC Kaiserslautern and KFC Uerdingen) and DFB Cup winner 1989 with the BVB takes over together with Toni Schreier, which is between 1984 and 1986 after all on 21 Bundesliga Parts for the VfL Bochum brought and then eleven years in Erkenschwick laced the football boots.

We started as a board to guide our club where he belongs and that is at least the Oberliga Westphalia.

Olaf May, first chairman

Spvgg. Erkenschwick – SC Hassel (Oberliga Westfalen) - Spielbericht | RUHRKICK.TV

A friendship service to appreciate the responsible persons of the Game Association. The first chairman Olaf May brings a bit further on the website of the traditional association: “The game association Erkenschwick has ambitious athletic goals. We have started as a board to lead our club where he belongs and that is at least the Oberliga Westphalia. From We also give us this objective, our loyal consultation and the importance of our association in Westphalian amateur football, even in times where it does not work at 100 percent, so that we can achieve these goals together, we need in the Sporty area responsible with the same mentality and the same goals. ” In May’s eyes, Niemöller is one of the best coaches Westfalens: “Magnus is with his Vita and its outstanding technical competence someone who suited a sporty about every doubt. With him as a head coach, we will work together together the current athletic situation and all necessary companies in the future athletic to be able to be able to succeed. ” The second chairman Robert Mazurek adds: “Magnus is our absolute wunling solution on the coaching position. He has a very high sporting ambition and its sporting goals are ambitious and congruent with those of the association. Magnus knows our club with all its facets, its challenges, But also with his huge potential. “

The transitional tandem Lusch / Schreier, which has not exerted any coherence activity in amateur football for a long time, says May: “Both are former professionals and will help our team with their experience”, and Mazurek adds: “I am still confident That Michael Lusch and Toni Schreier will be handed over the team in an excellent condition and thank them both on behalf of the entire club for their support and helpfulness in this complicated situation. “