“Mega Cool”: Straster still goes to the podium in the slalom at Gudiberg

The banner of black-red-gold glued ski rider Linus Strasse with satisfaction. The “Linus, Linus” calls of the fans SOG of the 29-year-old after his third place at the Slalom World Cup in Garmisch-Partenkirchen up to the last t1. “Simply Mega Cool. I would not have believed that myself,” said the athlete of TSV 1860 Munich, having made 13 places in the second run on Sunday. The winner became like on Saturday the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen, who could win two goal runs as the first driver this season.

Straßers World Cup premiere at Gudiberg

With his World Cup premiere at Gudiberg, Strasse met the dreaded steep slope in all his extremes. The 58 degree inclination at the start, the difficult transitions of “absolute control to full throttle” and the changing slopes of “greasy soft” to “full-glaring”. “Only the best of the best man can do it here. Linus has confirmed that he belongs to the best,” the German Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier commented the famous catching hunting his protégé. Already the day before, Strasse was convinced with six place.

On Sunday, the Munich was started as 16th in the second pass. After a risky hussar ride over the icy slopes, the two lit up in the finish. Then the big trembling began. A driver after another, the German, who had still won Team Silver, before the Olympic Games before exactly one week ago. Before the Swiss Loic Meillard, the last driver, Strasper was in third place. Banned the fans looked at the foot of the ski jumping chaneau on the big screen. Then the mistake of Meillard and the certainty: Strasse is third!

It’s cool that I could return something to the home audience.

Linus Straster

“It’s cool that I could give something to the home audience,” said the Local Hero radiant. If it was after him, the Slalom-Riege is likely to drive away from Gudiberg every year. “That was a good application for a slalom in Garmisch.” Most recently, 2010 had given a goalkeeping World Cup at the same place. At that time, Felix Neureuther triumphed. 36 years ago his father Christian. The signs for strasters were fine. But the pressure was great.

Strasse is a kind of single fighter in the slalom team of the German Ski Association. All eyes are focused on him. Of each seven starters, he managed to jump in the top 30th “frustrating” ARD expert Felix Neureuther this situation. “There must be a second, third party. Of that we are removed in slalom miles.”

Square three in the discipline score

Slalom: Straßers Aufholjagd in Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Sportschau

But these problems are not the strasse. He wanted the success through which he spilled in third place in the discipline rating, enjoying first. In about ten days, the Oberbayer then attacks again at the night slalom in Flachau. As Nighrider is to be expected him. This has demonstrated Straßer when victory in Schladming.

The slalom at the Gudiberg in the ticker…