Slice of life on Eve Online

This slice of life takes root at another era, when the pilots of Eve Online have been invited in 2020 to join the Triglavian collective or engage on the Edencom security forces. The challenge was then to contribute to the invasion or on the contrary help the empires to defend their secure systems. Several months of combat later, twenty-seven systems have definitively switched under Triglavian dominance. The disconnection of the stargate network connecting these stellar systems, including the now old commercial road of Niarja, has simply disappeared from the known universe. The actions of the players have had an impact on the MMORPG.

Autonomous and well anchored, the Triglavian territory has since been known as the Pochven Region. This set is formed with the systems lost by the empires during the invasion, interconnected by their own channels of communication. To access it, it is necessary to put on your hand on specific filaments or find an entry among the holes of worms via the exploration. This country contains significant resources, especially PVE combat sites for rapidly managing billions of ISK. The gain bait is therefore at its height, but accessible only in evening dress. Transposed to Eve Online, it means that it will have to take out its most beautiful vessels to carve out a place in this ruthless universe.

an elitist universe

Indeed, on the model of the famous ewing family, the sharing of riches has never been a part of pleasure. The displayed smile is only a façade, which can quickly tense as possible vicissitudes in Pochven. This microcosm has specific rules leading it to being particularly selective or even elitist. Coupé of the old ways of communication, Pochven can no longer see immediately landing inncommrable plebs, new structures deployed or capital vessels enter his space. For the fleets evolving there, so that’s the insurance not to take lightning, which necessarily happens when one exposes a vessel of value in the hostile environment. The absence of a super sword of Damocles above the head thus encourages Marauder in vessels that can easily turn around the billion ISK in terms of value, not to mention the implants to improve its performance or the use of drugs with this kind of evening.

These predispositions mean that everyone can not claim to evolve in this elitist universe, especially since Aboriginal people are at least running, pushed through the search for tax optimization and the non-sharing of an exhaustible resource. However, it is not a question of money, pride and having the beautiful game are here for betting because Pochven makes a preserved arena from the rest of New Eden to compete in restricted numbers – Around 20 players – on calibrated compositions for both the PVP and PVP. Some pilots are so recognized that they have just fallen from caliber so that other fleets plan to take the fight unless they are surprised. Because it should not be lost, any movement of a fleet in Pochven is scrutinized, analyzed and postponed. And since the stellar systems of this region forms a loop, we will inevitably be blistered at a given moment if you play clumsiness or bad luck.

EVE Online - One module that changed my life (Triglavian Hunting)
All the blows are allowed, like hiding unstoppants off the scanners to melt on the enemy fleet stack when she goes to a fighting site. Losing the location of the fleets evolving at the same time in this region, it is greatly improved its chances of leaving feathers. Many pilots, however, want to fly, worn by the atmosphere reigning and scenarios not always written in advance, but especially never away from a rebound.

some apartments

Because if one can feel safe in a microcosm, one can always be caught up by the macro. The small Alliance Rote Kapelle has long took advantage of the strategic position of its structures present in the Nalvula system for stealthing on the territory of the Fraternity Coalition. They did not deprive yourself of sting too regularly the huge panda who had chased them from their previous house. The festivities associated with the Chinese New Year – and especially holidays – were an opportunity for the leader of this coalition to align more than a thousand pilots, in the series of battles to destroy irreplaceable rote structures Kapelle in Pochven.

In the macro category, one can also find the horde among the hordes, the one that will play on its number to lower the elite of its pedestal. And yet back of the medal for the greatest blocks, it is even more difficult to separate the sites – very limited by their number – when one can not compete for lack of alliances exceeding the understanding and especially the interest of the game. Finally, as for the rest of the MMORPG sandbox Eve Online, the interest of Pochven rests above all on how players will take ownership of the mechanics of play. The strength of CCP Games remains to have Created with Pochven a unique and coherent space among the New Eden universe, the properties sufficiently different to bring out other gameplay. On a unique server, we can indeed develop a unique way of playing. The limit remains the way of coexisting in this ruthless universe.