Elden Ring: The Best Armor for Construction of Astrologers

The last Rol game of fromSoftware presents much more magic than the previous Souls preceding games, with all kinds of spells, enchantments and the new mechanics Ashes of War. A natural class choice for any aspiring sorcerer is the astrologer, but especially in the first part of the game there are very few armor and equipment with which you will find that they are suitable for construction. Therefore, here is a general description of the best armor for astrologer in Elden Ring so you know what to look for.

The best armor for astrologer constructions in Elden Ring

The first thing you should know about the astrologer armor in Elden Ring is that there are not really many sets of armor that can be found during the early stages of the game specifically for magical astrologers / compilations, and some that you find are not really so good. As the astrologer layer set, you get as standard. In fact, a key thing to remember about the armor in Elden Ring is that the statistics of the armor are not very important in general, much less for an astrologer / magic construction. After all, the strategy of it is not to receive damage at all, just avoid incoming attacks and return the blow with great damage.

Having said all that, as an astrologer, you can still use any set of armor you find in the game. If you are new to Souls type games, do not make mistakes when thinking that, as a magic configuration, you simply can not equip armor sets that seem more suitable for strength / dexterity and other more conventional body-to-body configurations. You can absolutely. Just make sure your weight does not exceed the threshold to avoid / roll effectively. In general terms, light armor pieces are better for intelligence constructions, but you can mix some heavier things as long as the weight does not prevent you from rolling fast.

With all honesty, the standard assembly of astrologer is all you need for your first 20 hours with the game as a magical construction. Most of the time, change the armor sets is really an aesthetic choice rather than for the game.

Even so, it is true that later in the game there is a better armor available than the standard astrologer layer. Here we will list some options to change the standard set or mix other armor to improve various attributes:

  • Ilm of Devillo – Farm of devils in Limgrave catacombs. Add +2 to intelligence.
  • Set of Sorcerer Raya Lucarian – Found by agricultural mobs at the Academy. The helmet is looted there behind a false wall. The best place to cultivate is at the classroom campfire.
    • Snow witch armor set ** – Found on a chest on the upper floor of Renna’s Rise after arriving at the end of the Ranni search line.

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* Sied Set – Found in Stillwater Cave, Liurnia of the Lakes, just ahead and under Lake Facing Cliffs, everything is sitting on a corpse submerged in poison near the end. Beware of giant bats that will attack you when you take it.
* Set of wandering sorcerer – Found in The Craftsman’s Shack in Mt. Gelmir.
* Set of Alberich – Found in Leyndell, which is the city near Erdtree. Specifically, Legacy Dungeon. They are approximately three quarters of the road through the dungeon.

That should give you a solid overview of some of the best armor for an astrologer construction in Elden Ring **. Be sure to search for Rol game or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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