“World of Tanks” Developed director who supported Russian invasion source. Eastern and Europe Games that sway on the war

Wargaming revealed that Major developers who expressed Ukrainian invasion support in Russia on March 1. The developer said that after posting an invading support comment on SNS, he was communicating from the same studio. From Wargaming to Overseas Media PC Gamer, it is a matter of fact that it was realized again.

Wargaming was founded in Minsk of Belarus and is now a game development company that is headquartered with Cyprus. Basic Play Free Tank Competition Games “World Of Tanks”, we have developed and operated works with the theme of World Of Warplanes, World of Warships, World Of Warpranes, and World Warld of Warships. The company is based in Europe, and in addition to Minsk’s offices in the founding site, the company is based in Kyiv of Ukraine, which is currently invaded, and Saint Petersburg in Russia. That is, it is located in the midst of the chaotic situation in Europe. While there is a staff exposed to the war in Ukraine, there is also a complex situation where Russian developers are also enrolled.

Under such circumstances, SERGEY BURKATOVSKIY, who serves as a creative director, posted an opinion on Ukraine invasion at his own Facebook (now deleted). He has expressed his position of supporting the military operations by Russia and the country with the warship of the war and the People’s Republic of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). DPR and NPR are “nations” that parent Russian sectors in Ukraine have declared independence in 2014. Both are terroristically certified from the Ukrainian government and are considered to be Russian puppet administration. In other words, Burkatovskiy has an opinion to affirm the entire Russian invasion.

And, immediately after a Russian support posted by he also posted a statement from Wargaming officials. “Burkatovskiy is one employee, which is one employee, says that the opinion of an individual” and emphasizes that it is not a view as Wargaming. In addition, the company is currently making full power to assist with more than 550 staff and their families in Kyiv. In other words, it is asserted that it is a distinct position with Mr. Burkatovskiy. After that, Burkatovskiy was telling you that he left away from Wargaming. And this time, Wargaming was an email for PC Gamer, and he admitted that he was fired.

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Wargaming is actually focusing on Ukrainian assistance. On March 1, Wargaming KIYV, a company base of Kyiv, donates $ 1 million to Ukraine Red Cross. In addition, we have supported support by raising an alternative dwelling to community employees, early payment of salary, and funding to support travel and relocation. With regard to this invasion, the criticism of Russia is increasing internationally from the hence, and many countries and organizations have represented and implemented the support for Ukraine. While Wargaming launches Ukraine support as an international company, Burkatovskiy’s remarks that affirm Russian invasion, was a concern for the company.

In addition, there was a change in the advertisement of the company operation game. Online advertising stops worldwide immediately after the start of invasion. After reviewing the asset, advertising delivery resumed in each country, but only Ukraine remains delivery. For this reason Wargaming says, “It is inappropriate to advertise your game in Ukraine in the Vortex of War in the Vortex of War” by email to PC Gamer. As mentioned earlier, Wargaming’s main works are the theme of battle by weapons. If the war is actually happening, the difficulty of operating the war related to the war will be charged.

In addition, Belarus that still still remains at Wargaming is a country that is not from the relationship with Russia. Russia’s rust before the Russian invasion, Russian Belarus Joint Military Exercise was conducted near the Border of Ukraine. In other words, it is one of the countries that are increasingly sensitive to Russia before and after invasion. Wargaming, which is divided into war and is in a very complex position. The impact of Ukrainian invasion by Russia continues to spread in the game industry.