Elden Ring: The best ghosts

The spirits that we can call in Elden Ring are not only extremely helpful, but also an exciting extension of the combat system, which brings a lot of variety to the action. The native throbbaths are to be found everywhere in the world. Some are also available as a reward for boss fights.

Which of the helpers from the beyond are particularly useful depends heavily on their own playing style, preferences and opponents. Some ghosts have their true effect only when we have improved them at Roderica.

I imagine five ghosts that I find particularly helpful and exciting, explain what advantages you have and where to find them.

Ashes of lonely wolves


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How to Get the LEGENDARY Best Spirit Summon - Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes Location - Elden Ring!


FP consumption (Mana): 55

LOCATION: Church of Elleh (Limgrave)

The lonely wolves we get right at the beginning of the game of Renna in the church of Elleh . She also gives us the ghost-call bell, which makes it possible to summon the helpers. The FP costs are not too high and the wolves were just at the beginning of a good support. They come to third, can distract several opponents and cause damage. However, many opponents can kill them relatively easily.

Ashes of ghost qualle


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FP consumption (Mana): 31

Location: Hut at the Storm Hill (Limgrave)

The ghost quallel I initially underestimated because it works rather boring and static. Then she became my most useful companion at the beginning of the game. The FP costs are very low and because the water resort is very tanky, it survived with me until the end of boss fights, if I actively helped.

In addition, the poison that spits the jellyfish on opponents is very useful. If these are poisoned, they are continuously losing additional life points. In addition, the poison opponent meets further distance, thus keeping the attention again and again on the mind or even interrupts attacks.

The jellyfish you will receive if you speak with Roderika, the woman sitting on the floor in the ** hut on the storm hill.

Ashes of vampire weights


Ghosts souvenir choice


FP consumption (Mana): 50

Location: Souvenir (character creation), dealer crying peninsula (Limgrave)

The vampire projects are a good alternative to the lonely wolves. They do not come to third, but only for two, but are very fast and good to distract opponents. They cause even more damage than the wolves in some fights and have magical attacks with which they can make enemies among others from behind.

The FP costs are a bit lower at 50 than the wolves. In addition, it is possible to choose them as \ – so start-item – in the character creation. Have you missed that, you can buy them at the dealer on the crying peninsula for 2000 Runen .

Samara Summer

@Also in the winter

The first Souls game, to which Samara has ran, was Dark Souls 3. Actually, she just wanted to try the first boss, but hardly he had defeated, it had happened for her. Then the author also made other from titles. Your favorites have been Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne so far. Elden ring could even beat the two titles in their personal top list. The reason for this are the many secrets, AHA experiences, small stories on the way and the complex, versatile combat system.

Ashes of the banished knight Oleg


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FP consumption (Mana): 100

Location: Tomb of a border folk hero (Limgrave)

The Knight Oleg is sometimes almost too strong. His ashes can you already get at the beginning of the game, but it’s even if you are well advanced, even really powerful – at least if you improve you in Roderica.

Oleg consumes a lot of FP and probably you will only have enough if you play a magic class, but he not only considers extremely much, but can also share properly.

To try out how far this goes, I brought Oleg to Level 10 and let him on the Altus Plateau all alone for a miniboss, which I had just distracted something. And yes – he has sailed.

But beware: Oleg and Co. to use, does not mean that the game has such a kind of easy mode. Alone in a fight to survive, can be difficult and this extreme example can not be transferred to all Fights. Oleg is far less effective against some enemies and is also killed quickly. Ghosts can not be capabilate everywhere and the upgrade materials to enhance the ashes must be found in partially sophisticated areas.

Incidentally, you can get him even before you get into the Open World, in the grave of an edge folk hero . For this you have to use two stone desks (which can be chosen as a souvenir) directly at cemetery of stranded . But the dungeon you unlocked with it and the Miniboss you have to defeat there at the beginning of the game.


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Ashes of the Imitato Tread


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FP consumption (Mana):

LP consumption (life points): 660

Location: Holy Site of Night (Nokron, Underworld)

Above all, I love the ashes of the imitator tear that the idea is so creative. You conjures you a doppelganger, or a doppelganger of yourself. This spirit carries exactly the same mount and weapons as you and my imitator tears also very much like me. If we react simultaneously in the fight or simultaneously scream, I have to laugh right.

Of course, how much this spirit is, it depends on your own build and from how effective your equipment is against the current enemy, but basically the imitator tear can be properly shared and plugged in. If you improve you, you can once gain some LP by healing.

Instead of FP, the Imitatorträne LP consumes and not little. So you have to have a corresponding lifeboards first and heal after use. However, you will not get the ashes of the imitator tears not very early in the game.

You will find it in the underworld, in a city of Names Nokron , which you can reach through the story progress. There you will find the ashes in a chest behind a fog wall, which must be opened with a stone sword key.

Which ghosts are your loved ones and why? Betrays us in the comments.