Jonathan Tah: “We want to bring through our game”

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The 1: 5 defeat in the first round will not provide abdominal pain before the trip to Munich at Jonathan Tah. “I’m looking forward to the game. We can show that we have developed ourselves as a team,” explains the 26-year-old, who can not really imagine a repetition of disassembly.

Already at the break, the Werkself had proceeded in October after a desolate first half 0: 5. “Basically, I assume that we did not happen anymore,” says German international.

Memories of the first leg

The prerequisite for this is a more mature idea than in the first round. “We had a bad level on the day, the Bavarians an incredible. Since we hit the Dinger’s beat,” recalls Tah and calls, “Of course, we can not happen again.” We have to play adults. “

The faith on the own quality is also available. And more than the pure hope of being able to implement them. “We want to bring through our game,” says Tah, “Of course, that’s harder against a top team, but I believe that we are able to do so.”

That Bayer is able to annoy the record champion in a single game is clear. On the way, the defender does not yet be possible for possible, because the Bavarians move into completely different spheres. ” On Saturday, Tah and Bayer attempt to meet the record champion differently than in the first round at eye level.

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