Mission Guide ELEX 2BS: How to complete the Mission of Skibors Life Insurance Policy

Skibor’s life insurance policy is an ALBS mission in ELEX 2. It is supposed to join the Faction of Albs, since the Irissa commander provides the mission. Here is our guide to help you complete the Skibor’s life insurance policy on ELEX 2.

Where to find Skibor in Elex 2

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Skibor can be found in the crater, the base of the outlaws. Simply approach the area and ignore the majority of the NPCs. Soon, you will find it close to the Traders Square.

From there, Skibor will ask you to accompany him back to the Albas Deposit. Of course, this is going to be a Janky walk.


Skibor will talk to you periodically about the beliefs of him, but you will also end up being attacked by wild beasts. Often, this will result in the conversation to shorten, which will make Skibor’s dialogue start again.

If you have a partner as a box or NYRA, then you can distract your enemies. Also, Skibor is armed with a plasma cannon, although this can be a bit doubtful. Sometimes, he shot the goals immediately. But, there are also cases in which he would be inactive or would use a sword instead.

Eventually, I would address a man named Howler. You can give you 200 fragments or intimidate it if you are 40 of strength. Otherwise, you should fight.

Beyond this point, Skibor would ask if he could rest and I would say that you will return to the tilted path where you found how to see if there is someone following you. After exploring, he returns with him and continues your trip.

The tank of Albas

Finally, you will arrive at the Albs Depot. Skibor will go to Commander Irissa on his account, so he also head there. This will complete the mission of Skibor’s life insurance policy in Elex 2.

However, you have not finished yet. Irissa will tell Skibor to leave, but that is soon followed by an explosion.

Follow Irissa to see a silo flying through the air. If you investigate the human remains, you will realize that a pump exploded here. Talk to the guard also to proceed.

Finally, he returns with Irissa and asks where to go from there. This will continue with a chain of missions called an Alb Agent. This allows your character to officially one of the ranks of the Albas and, later, as a regent of the clerics if desired.

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