New worries about Uduokhai

Patrick Rothfuss Shares the Latest Updates of His Life and Answers Fan Questions! (November 2021)
Just half an hour was played on the Alm, as Krachen Felix Uduokhai and Patrick Wimmer together. Both players stayed, medical help needed – but only one could continue. While it went on for Wimmer, Uduokhai, who was bitten next to the collision, had to be replaced early on early. Coach Markus Weinzierl brought Frederik Winther – and should now hope that Uduokhai did not serve too seriously, especially since he could certainly use the defender in the relegation fight. The 24-year-old was most recently burdened by a complicated tendon break in the thigh and shortly before Christmas also by Covid-19. From the 4th to the 17th match day, Uduokhai was not a minute in the field, but last recently he returned and contributed in the previous week, among other things, that the FCA at 1: 1 against Dortmund to the big BVB spent a point.