Stuttgart Contrain Stuttgarts pull with SGV Freiberg the same

Now they are now: While the SGV Freiberg had received three points on the green table at the beginning of the weekend and thus went as a “virtual” leader in the duel with the sports friends village features, standing after this 23rd matchday both at the SGV as well as his hottest Title Contrain Stuttgart Contrain Stuttgarts 53 Counter in the table line. That was also on the 1: 1., Which the Freiberger was on this Saturday. For both goals, Freiberg Captain made Grettner: Only in passage on a passport was carried out an own goal (26th), then he ironed the intermediate position again after restarts (58.).

Caring with his 2: 0 for reassurance: Kevin Dicklhuber. Imago / press photo Baumann

The Contrain Stuttgarts satisfied their own place against the TSG Backnang, who went to this duel as a table. 2: 0 ended it at the end for the Stuttgart. Braig brought his colors early in front: After a corner, he poked the ball from a short distance to the 1-0 (8th) over the line. The Contrain Stuttgarts controlled in a row the game without burning the big fireworks. The leadership for the break was deserved, even if the guests with individual needle stitches also had the compensation on the foot. Even in passing two, the picture did not change, the Contrain Stuttgarts had the game under control. With Dicklhubers 2: 0, which the attacker scanned around 18 meters (70.), the thing was then through. Even in the final minutes, the Contrain Stuttgarts remain more dangerous than the guests, which were unaffectedly allegedly presented harmlessly. A deserved tenth threesome in a row.

Göppinger SV loses

The lead of the leadership duo has grown further, because the ranked three placed Göppinger SV was empty. With a 2: 1 success, FC Rielasingen-Arlen did not decrease the three counters undeserved. Guarantee for this was a strong team performance of the FCRA, which was able to free itself in passage two of the pressure of homeland. The gates for the guests achieved Malaj (58.) and Bertsch (79.), Göppingen came in the final minutes only more through Lekaj to 1: 2 connection (90.).

In the basement, the table penultimate TSV Ilshofen at 1: 1 against the Freiburger FC after all, a counter, but remains exhausted. With the same result, the midfield game ended FC Nöttingen vs. FC Villingen – and also the SV Oberachern and the FV Ravensburg separated 1: 1. Meanwhile, the Sport Union Neckarsulm was able to build a pad on the red zone with a 3-0 success at FSV Bietigheim-Bissingen and climb nine. The Astoria Walldorf II and the SSV Reutlingen separated themselves 2: 2 – Reutlingen fought in the study time a point thanks to a penalty gate of Wöhrle.

Already on Friday night, the FC Bruchsal and the CFR Porzheim with a 0-0 opened the matchday. Pforzheim was the better team, stood defensively well, worked offensively but too complicated. Despite a lot of possession, the 1st CFR found no means against the deep fiffer chain of hosts. So both teams raced in two fights. Ultimately a recovered counter for the relegation-threatened fragal.

On Sunday, the game still rises between the final light FV Lörrach-Brombach and the SV Linx.