NBA News, Los Angeles Lakers: Condition by Russell Westbrook apparently “impossible”

Between Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers, it is supposed to be huge behind the scenes. Apparently, a whereabouts of the Point Guards in L.a. beyond the summer very unlikely.

This reports Marc Stein on Substack. According to its info, there are some responsible persons of the Lakers as “impossible” that Westbrook is still part of the traditional franchise in the coming season. Accordingly, there are tensions between Westbrook and Coaching Staff.

The 33-year-old responded very “defiant” when coaches or teammates have addressed him to possible changes to his role or approach. Most recently, Head Coach Frank Bird had explained in relation to a possible bank role for Westbrook that one would discuss “all possibilities”.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski (espn), the LAKERS coach is pushed by several pages to degrade Westbrook from the starting lineup. So far, bird should fight against this pressure from the organization. But Woj also reports of tensions between Westbrook and Coaching Staff as well as different views, as the guard should be best used. On Friday, a “tense mood” between Westbrook and Bird have been dominated in a movie session.

At Westbrook, which has already been set to the bank several times in the final phases of tight playing to the bank, this proposal does not seem to encounter counter love. The Point Guard pushed only in the summer of 2021 by Trade from Washington to the Lakers, his fit in the team of LeBron James did not fit.

With 18.1 points, 7.7 rebounds and 7.3 assists with weak throwing quotas (43.3 percent from the field and 28.4 percent of downtown), Westbrook so far attaches a disappointing season. This also applies to the Lakers in general, which currently only show 27 victories at 35 defeats (9th place in the West). This lags L.a. miles behind the own expectations.

Los Angeles Lakers: Westbrook also wants a trade?

Also bleach Report had recently announced that the Lakers will search again after a trade for Westbrook in the summer, after this endeavor was not crowned successfully on the Trade Deadline in February.

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Apparently, both sides, including Westbrook, is interested in finding a new team for the ninial all-star. However, he has a player option over $ 47 million for the coming season, which makes a trade difficult. The Lakers will probably have to offer additional draft picks in a deal to get rid of Westbrook.