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Elden Ring: Where to find and how to beat Crucible Knight

Brought to us for the same study that the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises created, Elden Ring is finally over us. While you will spend most of your time going up and trying to survive while you explore the vast open world of The Lands Between, you will also find some unpleasant bosses to those who would love to see you by pushing virtual daisies. One of which is crucible Knight, which is a boss who can potentially appear several times throughout your game. Here is Where to find and how to beat the crucible knight in Elden Ring .

Where to find the crucible knight

The first time you can find you with the crucible knight is when you get to Limgrave. There is a circular structure called Stormhill Evergool just southwest of Gatefront, Site of Grace. This is where you can start the battle against the head of crucible Knight.

For those who do not know, there are 16 Evergools scattered by The Lands Between and essentially harbor optional bosses for the defeats. The crucible knight is one of them.

In addition, you will also find yourself with the Knight of the crucible at Stormveil Castle and Redmane Castle (he will join the Battle of the boss once he exhausts the Misbegotten Warrior to half the health of him).

How to beat Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

The knight of the crucible recalls a lot of the black knights of Dark Souls, and even has a set of quite similar movements. Essentially, many of him’s attacks have a fairly slow rope that are easy to telegraph, so be sure to be attentive to the ‘signs’ of him when starting to attack. That said, it can still cause problems, especially low-level players.

We recommend facing the crucible Knight when he is at level 40 or higher. If he has just started the game, we even suggest that he continues ahead with his game and maybe return once he has uploaded a little more level.

However, for those who are still fighting, here are some tips to help them in this bosses fight:

How To EASILY Defeat the Crucible Knight in Stormveil Castle - Elden Ring
* Be at least level 40.
* Make sure that the quick slots are assigned with the correct items. You will definitely need your crimson and cerulean tears by hand.
* Make sure you have a shield with 100 negation of physical damage so you can block your attacks effectively.
* As he appears, this is a good opportunity to get a couple of easy and free blows.
* Try to keep the distance, since some of the attacks of it have a surprisingly long reach.
* Unfortunately, you will not be able to use a spiritual invocation in the fight against the head of Evergool, but you can invoke in the fight against the leader of the Redmanmane Castle. Of course, be sure to summon your most powerful ally to help you.
* If you have the Glintstone Pebble and / or Rock Sling spells, you can use them at a distance and reduce the health of the crucible Knight a little. While he has a shield that blocks most of the magic damage, you will occasionally catch a blow with your magic when you are preparing for an attack, which creates a brief opportunity for you.
* The crucible Knight is quite easy to stop, so you can use this for your advantage. If you are not sure how to stop, we have a detailed guide for you here.
* As usual in Elden Ring, take your time and do not be too greedy.

The crucible Knight has two different phases. First of all, it begins as the black knights of Dark Souls and tends to focus mainly on strong but slow physical attacks. These can be dodged, or if you keep the distance, they can be avoided quite easily.

The trick to inflict harm to the crucible knight, if you are not using the stop method, it is to hurry and tempt it to attack you. When you start to give rope to hit you, wheel towards him and turn it off with a quick attack at the right time. Take your time, rinse and repeat up to the second phase.

The second phase of the fight against the boss begins once you have exhausted the health of it in half. Here is when crucible Knight begins to use more magic-based attacks.

Specifically, the main one to take into account is when he generates enormous wings and throws towards you by air. A timely turn towards him is an effective way to dodge this particular movement, but the moment is crucial. Try it and time to pass next to it while he flies with you, and you will probably avoid the damage of this specific attack.

Continue with the strategy of “bait and attack” of the first phase, even if it takes into account that it is now relying more on magic. As a result, he could quickly consume a livestock-proof dry liver, which temporarily increases the magical harm of him, which will help annul the magical harm of the crucible knight.

Hopefully, this guide gave him a good idea of where to find and how to beat the crucible knight in Elden Ring . Be sure to search for Elden Ring or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game. Related Posts * Public service announcement of Elden Ring: You can get 75,000 runes easily in 15 minutes * Here is a public service ad from Elden Ring about Stormveil’s castle guardian * Launch of Elden Ring heads the lists of the United Kingdom; Sales on the double of Horizon Forbidden West’s * Elden Ring is exceptionally immersive because he does not care if you see everything * New Elden Ring trailer starring Ming-na Wen Search to get more