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Nexon, Maple Story New Ambassador Black Pink Index

Nexon said it was 10 days, a second ambulander of its online game ‘Maple Story’, has selected a global artist black pink member index.

Maple Story Ambassador has been used to illuminate a lively maple story user in the first half of society and has been designed to preach the good influence of the game, and has been selected for the first Ambassador, the first Ambassador.

The black pink index selected as the second ambulander this time is known as an entertainment industry representative gamer, especially for a long time for maple stories. Nexon was a maple story user as a map of the exponence and the logon life of the map and the logon life of the maple warrior and the interviewed video, and the expectation was better.

Interviews The video will be released on March 11, and MC Seung Seung Heon and Index are directly appeared on the MC, and the character job of the game in the game, and the game in the game, and the play experience.

Kim Jung-ju, founder of gaming giant Nexon, dies aged 54

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