“We can do such games”: BTSV is hot on Saarbrücken

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The form is right. Three victories came to Braunschweig last, the 3: 0 at RiseMitkunstirent Mannheim was a real statement of the lions. “We have the necessary quality, and if the focus, the use and will are there, we are very difficult to beat,” says Defenseman Niko Kijewski, the defensive is with only 26 counterparts (only the FCK has 18 less) Guarantee for success.

Good that the rendering of Behrend’s pausing for Corona (“Behrendt has completely trained this week, I’m not worried.”) And Defensive Actor Robin Krauße will be available. He had pulled himself a place wound in Mannheim and yet stood through the 90 minutes. “Robin Krauße has survived everything well, he laughs and kids when nothing had been,” said Schiele on Thursday. “Robin was checked out by the doctors, he feels great.”

In Mannheim, the midfielder also acted top (Robin-Note 2.0). “He made a strong game. He brings a lot of positive and goes ahead.” Now against Saarbrücken. Since he will “play for the current state with the helmet” he has already carried in training.

Krauze is an important role, because Schiele expects an opponent, “who wants to involve us in many two-fighting. We can such games,” but the BTSV coach is safe. “We will have to act a lot. We have to prevent counterstands and counterattacks.” Sticking of the game is on Saturday at 2 pm (Live at Robin).