Dr Disrespect ends legal dispute with Twitch

DrDisrespect Ends His Lawsuit with Twitch!
Guy “Dr Disrespect” beautifully belonged to the most successful streamers on Twitch until some time ago. In June 2020 , the DOC channel – as his fans call it – was very surprising on the platform. But it was not just a short break, but a Perma-Bann for the 40-year-olds.

Why was Dr Disrespect locked on Twitch?

For more than one and a half years, fans have wanted to know what has actually led to spell. An answer has not been officially delivered yet – neither Twitch , nor from Guy beauty itself. Both parties seem to know the reason. It even followed a judicial confrontation, which was now apparently finally clarified.

Nobody wants something wrong

On Twitter, Dr Disrespect published on Thursday a picture that announced the end of his judicial disputes with Twitch. According to his statement, none of the two parties have to admit any mistakes . As you finally agreed, nobody wanted to reveal here. With the words “Moving On.” is the topic for the DOC but probably history.

Does it come to the Twitch comeback from Dr Disrespect?

Shortly after the statement, many fans asked if it could now come to a return from Dr Disrespect at Twitch, but this speculation quickly put an end to an end. Just a few minutes after the first tweet, he realized that no comeback will give. Dr Disrespect has now pulled it to YouTube, where he can be seen live almost daily. Over 3.79 million subscribers he could already collect.

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