Rapid instead of abroad! Martin Moormann extended in Hütteldorf

The cadre planning at Rapid for the upcoming seasons continue to run in full swing. According to the contract extensions of Moritz Oswald and Bernhard Zimmermann, Martin Mormann has now extended prematurely until summer 2025.

Martin Moormann comes from the offspring of SV Sierndorf in the Lower Austrian Weinviertel. About the SV Horn, the native floorer moved in the summer of 2014 in the junior department of St. Pölten. In the Lower Austrian state capital, the 20-year-old teamed together with Leo Greiml the entire academy department, marriage the duo moved to Hütteldorf in the summer of 2018.

At Rapid II, the Lower Austrians became a service provider, but had always struggled with injuries and setbacks. In the past season, the defensive players therefore completed only five assignments in the second highest Austrian play class.

Barisic: “enormous development potential”

It works differently this season: within a week Moormann celebrated its Bundesliga, European Cup and ÖFB Cup debut in the fall of 2021. Under Chief Trainer Ferdinand Feldhofer he stood, except for the away game against Sturm Graz, in every encounter in the starting formation. Currently, the Youngster considers’ 16 competing 16 compulsory matches for the professional team of SK Rapid.

Finally, it should have given interest from abroad, but Maurann decided for a future in Hütteldorf. “Martin Moormann is a player who had struggling with setbacks in the past again and again, but has also proven that he can come back more. That’s why it is very pleased to be happy that we were able to bind to the club with ‘Multi’, which also has a tremendous development potential, “says sports director Zoran Barisic. “He has already proven that despite his still young age, he can withstand pressure situations at national and international level.”

Moormann: “Only at the beginning of my career”

Moormann to his contract extension: “The last year I showed me how fast it can go in football. Last summer it was for me, after all these many injuries, not foreseeable at all that I will come to my first benefit missions in autumn. All the more I appreciate everything, I am very grateful for the trust, which is given to me every day from the head coach, the trainer team and the club manager. “

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Moormann Next: “For me, a childhood dream fulfilled in the fall, with my favorite club to complete the first missions in professional football. That’s why I am very happy about the contract extension and that my journey will go on with the SK Rapid for at least three years. I am still at the beginning of my career, but would like to succeed together with the team in the future, this goal I will continue to subordinate everything and always give everything on the place. “