Work ban and withdrawal of the trainer license! Ukraine sanctioned Anatoliy Tymoshchuk

The UAF UAF football association has withdrawn Anatoliy Tymoshchuk the coach license and also pronounced a work ban in Ukraine against him. This is evidenced after examining the opposition of the Ethics and FairPlay Commission from a decision of the Control and Disciplinary Commission.

Background have previously been removed from the 42-year-old to Russian invasion in his homeland. It is said in the message: “It is reminded that AA Tymoshchuk, the former captain of the Ukrainian national team, since the beginning of the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine not only no public statements in this regard, but also his cooperation with the club of the attacker did not set. “

Tymoshchuk is co-coach of Zenit St. Petersburg and renounced so far, unlike his compatriot Andriy Voronin, to a resignation. Voronin had laid his post as a wizard of Sandro black at Dynamo Moscow. The behavior of Tymoshchuk “pity the reputation of Ukrainian football and violates numeral 1.4., Part 1 of Article 4 of the Ethics and Fairplay Code.

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Therefore, the following decisions were made:

  • Tymoshchuk AA to escape the coach license of the pro-level issued by the UAF Licensing Center.
  • instruct the UAF administration to apply for the authorities, to escape Tymoshchuk AA all state awards and honorary titles
  • Tymoshchuk AA All titles and vice titles of the Championship of Ukraine, the Cup of Ukraine to escape the Super Cup of Ukraine.
  • AA Tymoshchuk from the official player register of UAF national teams excluded
  • AA Tymoshchuk lifelong to ban attitudes to football activities on the territory of Ukraine

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Tymoshchuk had played between 2009 and 2013 for FC Bayern, previously he was active as a professional for Shakhtar Donetsk and St. Petersburg. In 2017, he finished his active career at Kazakh Klub Kairat Almaty. With Bayern he became twice masters, twice DFB Cup winner and 2013 Champions League winner. With 144 international matches he is also record player of Ukraine.