Digital Tasting – video game

Gone were the times when the paper magazines on videogames came to the kiosks accompanied by demonstration discs. The illusion of opening the wrapper and tasting them was part of the magic of the physical format, that which had an odor to newly printed ink. From time to time I still think of the games that attracted me because that support, so meager, included titles that played for the pleasure of filling some bored gaps. With the past as an emblem and pretext of speculation, now some of those discs are quoted for so many euros that vertigo makes it not want to think more about them. At most, it on board the refilon issue in melancholic conversations on the evolution of the medium and industry, assuming that everything seems to have gone too fast according to our standards, often focused on the dissonance between real years and those that seem to have passed. While it is true that technology has been aimed at innovation using speeds to violent, leaving behind everything that is alien to it (the worst, people), our perception has one opinion about particular experiences. Like those demonstrations are still well present in the middle, although the format has changed to meet modern needs.

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So that afternoon from the end of February in front of the computer, scratching hours of rest from my tight schedule, I was not able to assimilate that the demonstrations of the new edition of Steam Next Fest were the updated version of my Vespers when I was a girl and introduced A record, given a magazine, on the first PlayStation. Although we use the same word to name them, the aspect, the amount, the presentation, the support and even our relationship with them has varied so much that at least I do not produce a familiarity, but rather a playful dichotomy. Events such as those housed by the Valve platform, which are advertised with slogans as “celebrating the coming games” urge us to try everything we want from an assortment of hundreds and hundreds of videogames that have landed or will do so in the coming months o Years Around, the community turns, with direct, retransmissions, talks and other meetings, which we can see while we sail that chaos booked for the appointment. Meanwhile, stimuli appear and disappear on the screen, complicating the one in itself difficult task of focusing and knowing what I can and I want to play.

I do not consider myself precisely a rookie in that to navigate in digital stores. Weekly visit all that I can, either to find news or offers. Some are more friendly with the user who others, but in general they tend to present an excess of options without just explanation about what happens on the screen. In the case of having a certain healing of the contents, mostly start from the latest releases, videogames or an obsolete label potpourri, in relation to traditional genres that do not make sense in the hybridization we have been experiencing in the middle. If I know all that is because it is part of my work and my life since I was a girl, but not all people have that baggage when it comes to moving in that kind of platforms. And equally, even with my experience, seeing the avalanche of demonstrations that could be accessed without limits, beyond the dates of the event, I blocked myself in front of the computer, trying not to fall into the anxiety that was triggered by me. This is usually my reaction in each event of this kind, and the main reason why I seek to enter the minimum on the main page.

The alternative to rebuscar without compass is to go to media, creators of content or communities that make a list of the most attractive and interesting of each demonstration appointment. Elles are responsible for the Titanic work of searching, collecting, filtering and selecting the video games that they may like their audience, tending to specialize, in a precarious balance, between what their followers demand, between what they want to play and among the relationships that They have some developers or projects with some developers. Although they are a quick way to access titles that may have affinity with us, they also usually be limited to a specific field, with which we can pass by high projects that to prove them would captivate us. For example, although I follow the national developments and the Wholesome Games, to my taste some eclectic you want to prove everything that can come out of the norm or contribute a certain freshness. Therefore, I often end up falling into the trap of making me the video game list that recommend professionals and trusted people and, with a tile or a cider in hand according to the mood of the moment, to make mine venturing in the jungle of the events. To do so in conditions I need time, space and tranquility, because my own challenge is not impulsely installed almost all the demonstrations that I find in my step.

That mythical Friday I spent all morning on the Steam Next Fest page. I downloaded 3 or 4 demonstrations, played them and continued looking. I focused on four categories: Action, Adventure, Simulation and Role. Given the sum of videogames, I had to restrict everything possible what I was going to prove and choose them from among whom Steam decided that they should be in the repertoire of each genre because I felt unable to enter the complete catalog. In spite of this, I had serious problems to cover a part of what I wanted. Nor did it help the list of less information to decide which titles was going to test, with a preview of seconds, some image and outlined labels. To learn more about each project, it had to access the tab of each one of them, so that the tabs open in my browser multiplied, in the same way that my attention was divided into them. In the same way, the duration of the demonstrations was not precisely short, so that time passed rapidly without just noticing it. In the blink of an eye I had to turn off the computer with the sweet feeling of having tried many attractive videogames, but not having savored and squeezed enough.

If you have not pointed your names, it is likely that you barely remember the titles that paraded on the screen. Here I admit that my memory is not the most agile when it comes to technical data or specific information, but having gathered so many demonstrations in the launcher completely collapsed my head. Some of the games I tried them just a few minutes without taking his proposal, others added them immediately to my wishlist When closing the show, a few decided to leave them until their almost definitive version of having fallen in love at first sight and the less they were already annotated in My Steam profile. How to Say Goodbye, A Little to The Left, Lost In Play, Potion Tycoon, Small Saga, Beacon Pines, Verne: The Shape of Fantasy __ are a few of those who, a boat soon, I installed and enjoyed My desktop computer. However, I am sure that there were more those who gossip than those who fell in my hands because the temptation to jump from one another during the search was irresistible. A otre players this exercise or until the existence of the demonstrations may seem like a waste of time or a disappointment, since they argue that some lack equilibrium in the content, they barely resemble the aspect of the final launch or employ returns in digital stores as a method to test a title.

Instead, a demonstration has the capacity to provide various benefits to development companies. Visibility and positioning, a conversation within the community of followers, good statistics on platforms, the opinion of les players to improve aspects of the final version or find a source of funding due to the impact it has produced. In short, this can be translated into opportunities for a video game to have greater projection, although not always a good demonstration ends up caving in the community, given that other factors affect the equation of success in videogames. Likewise, not all companies can launch evidence for the community, since if there are no available resources, the team is small, the game is too short, we have a proposal incompatible with a demonstration or there is an exclusivity agreement, it is not feasible to consider A strategy like that. In spite of this, it is another resource within the fierce competition circuit that has become a videogame on one or several platforms, assuming that it is coupled to the objectives that pursue the project’s creators. This is something that the players must accept and respect, no matter how much we wish to touch as much as before that title that has been in our desired lists.

Because to me, talking from the perspective of player, having a demonstration available, it gives me more a mixture of illusion and enthusiasm than the practical connection related to the pocket. When dealing with videogames, we usually address the monetary part of the matter, that in which you decide on acquiring or not a video game, but it is also exciting to see proper projects, know them or feel the differences between one version or another. Which satisfies me more. It also makes it possible to share impressions with otre players, building dialogues within the community as a text or in audiovisual format. In turn, as a professional, finding out of videogames that will land sooner or later, learn the current trends of the environment, investigate in the state of development in other countries, contact unknown development teams for me or dive beyond my comfort zone They expand the eyes with which I focus my work. Even with the anxiety that causes me the own distribution of the festivals and the number of demonstrations to a single click, the test versions are small gifts with which to have a good time and endure the wait in case we have clear that the Title will come to our homes. For that reason and to support all creators who dedicate their effort and time to publish a demonstration, I try to breathe and organize several days in which to enter and prove what I feel like.

This exercise has been equally beneficial for me, since being unable to decide for some test versions, blocking me in the process and letting it be without having installed anything, I have managed to explore some categories and start by adding 2 or 3 games that seemed to me Attractions But for this there have been previous steps, made with patience, calm and without pressures. If a festival could do it, go ahead. If another one was too much for me, there would be more opportunities. Now I can be a morning or an afternoon tucked on the platform by selecting shift projects, having reached the point where the voices that hastened me to swallow everything is just a whisper. It’s just me, some demonstrations and a free time to manage them. Also, in the event that a trial version does not make me feel comfortable or not what I am looking for, I go out without remorse. Then you may leave it in the launch to resume it later, or you may decide to eliminate it, which does not make me reject from plane buy that video game later. Perhaps that title suffers a substantial change or do my own mental state, making me more prone to that premise. But try to keep in mind that the taste for videogames does not mean that we should play everything. What is recommended is to take that fear of trying and fingering, either with the intention of spending a pleasant time or to open ourselves to other experiences.

Now, if you apologize, the demonstration of Kirby and the forgotten land awaits me. For the second time.