Dominus Games, Glossy River IP Mobile Games Completed

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[Data provided: Dominus Games]

A blockchair game, a professional publisher Dominance Games (Representative Long-Yeon) is a mobile game of the same right, with the exclusive business of the game, with the exclusive business of the game, with the exclusive business of the game, which is a block chain for the enthusiasm of the existing ips. I said that I have already secured business rights.

As a result, Dominance Games announced that global services from a mobile block to a mobile block, along with an exclusive business for a block chain game, are also available.

Dominance Games ‘s Lord of the Tominus Games is a “non-exclusive” use contract, which is limited to the game based on mobile, “The use of the’ Nematurangwon Weekly Weekly Weekly Commissioning Agreement in Mobile, and others with the same conditions, “I have included.”

“Dominance Games, said,” The use of a bleeding regular woongwon Weekly Woori Contract, which is a non-toxic contract, as the same conditions as the same conditions as the Thai Mobile. The game was a part that can not be captured by existing contracts that are set to the contract period.

“It is natural that it is natural and essential to get the right to get the right to proceed with the business.

Meanwhile, the omnivorousness is the representative IP of Korea, a popular manga, PC game, and mobile games in many areas of the first series of 28 years after the first series of electricity,

Dominance Games is a block chain, which has exclusive business rights to the game of enthusiasm of iphroma IP, and P2E TO EARN (P2E TO EARN) games, I am developing.