OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in the live ticker

The FC Chelsea is a guest at the OSC Lille as part of the eighth-final return match in the Champions League. Here you can pursue the game in the live ticker.

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OSC Lille vs. Chelsea – 1: 1



1: 0 Yilmaz (38./he), 1: 1 PULISIC (45. + 3.)

Installation OSC Lille


Leo Jardim – Celik (58. Weah), José Fonte, Botman (58th Onana), Tiago Djalo – Xeka, André, J. Bamba, Gudmundsson, David – B. Yilmaz

Position FC Chelsea

| E. Mendy – Christensen (33rd Chalobah), Thiago Silva, Rüdiger – Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso, Kanté, Jorginho, Kovacic (46th Mount), Pulisic – HAVERTZ

Yellow cards


Gudmundssson (42.) / Chalobah (34.)

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OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in LiveTicker – 1: 1

60.: Yilmaz jumps Chalobah in a duel with force in the back. Next interruption. That’s just a pretty tedious phase. Constantly one is on the lawn.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – Change Lille

58.: Also, Celik makes room for Weah. Lille now clearly with an offensive orientation.

58.: Botman is now finally, Onana takes over.

57.: The game flow was not famous before, now it is due to the recent interruption to the Rinnal.

55.: Botman still tries it, two minutes, then it seems clear, it does not go on. He sits on the lawn. He had drawn the injury in a running duel with Hvertz. The game is just interrupted.

54.: At Lille, Botman seems to be struck, which briefly attacks the thigh. Strain? Botman makes life difficult for this evening, especially Hvertz. An injury would be a heavy blow for the hosts.

54.: Rüdiger starts a cross in the penalty area and marches gene centerline, with the external period, he then sits Hvertz, which can no longer run the pass.

52.: But then a conclusion of the hosts. Bamba dances Alonso on the beer lid, then brings the basin the ball to the gate where Yilmaz goes up to the header, the ball sweeps past the left post. Go then.

50.: The game speed remains more leisurely. Lille is here the more aggressive team, very snappy, duel. The play flow tends to zero because the game is constantly interrupted.

48.: The blues in the forward gear, free kick Alonso from the left half field. So correctly for execution, this standard does not come because the ball is still in the air when the situation is interrupted because of an offensive foul.

46.: The Chelsea change could be read so that Tuchel wishes a little more momentum. This is comprehensible.

46.: We continue.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – kick-off 2nd half

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – change Chelsea

46.: Kovacic does not come back from the cabin, Mount takes over for him.

Half-Time Conclusion: The game is not a classic in the history of the royal class. So much is already clear. Lille was at the beginning of the more active team, but was only in the lead when the blues slowly take over the game control. Chelsea brought it only to a goal shot in the first half. But this seems to be completely satisfied with the defending champion. Purely visually the first half went to the north-franzos.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – half-time break

45. + 5.: Pause.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker Chelsea

45. + 3.: TOOOR! Lille – Chelsea 1: 1. It was not necessarily in the air that here would still fall off here before the break. Patient construction at CFC, the guests make the game wide, then the ball comes to the center of Jorginho, who plays over 20 meters a flat steep pass in the course of Pulisic. The ex-Dortmund has the perfect timing, has a few steps ahead and sends the ball from half-right position in front of Jardim into the long corner.

45. + 1.: Three minutes of reflection time.

44.: Alonso takes over, bangs the ball directly into the wall. Theoretically but the first score of the guests. The subsequent corner brings nothing. Nothing at all.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – Yellow Card Gudmundsson

42.: Gudmundssson loses the ball on his own penalty area in the pressing and then tears down Hvertz. Also a clear yellow card. Good free-kick position Da on the right penalty area.

41.: Half way to extend we have completed. The audience is now really woken up. The game can only good.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – Tor Lille

38.: TOOOR! Lille – Chelsea 1: 0. Yılmaz can not take this opportunity. Spicy and untenable. Mendy can not be loaded. But the elf right next to the post was too accurate.

37.: In fact, Massa looks at the pictures and points to the point. Kovacic had got the ball on the elbow. From a short distance. Avoidable? Hard to say. The rest is then gambling.

35.: The subsequent free kick promands Mendy from the danger z1. The ball comes back, then lots of arms of Liller players go up. They have seen a hand game. The game continues short, then Massa interrupts the current game: PenaltyCheck.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – Yellow Card Chalobah

34.: And so Chalobah introduces itself: with a tactical foul on David, who would probably have come to the penalty area otherwise. He has to almost take. And also team tactically not awkward. The same time the new man tested.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Liveticker – change Chelsea

33.: Short Azpilicueta took over the role of Christensen in the triple bread, but now Chalobah is ready. Christensen has thus officially worked for today.

31.: Short interruption because Christensen seems striking. As a precaution, Chalobah is ready. Whether this is immediately pulled through, remains to be seen.

30.: Almost 30 minutes we have now behind us. The real highlights did not exist yet.

27.: And because Chelsea becomes more active, the game happens now more and more shifts in half of Lille. Especially in the initial phase that was still very different.

26.: That was already more dangerous: Alonso flanks from the left outer car in the sixteen, which is quite well occupied with an attackers, but the ball ends with Jose Fonte, who can clarify. We are still waiting for the first completion of the guests. However, those will be a little more active in the last few minutes.

24.: And a counter chance on the other side. Kovacic Dribbelt through the center, leaves three opponents and then opens on Pulisic, which pulls left into the penalty area, then headed towards Hvertz, who runs central, but no longer reached the pass. Was a tick too strong, Jardim can take the ball.

21.: Counter chance for Lille. Yilmaz drives the ball forward on the right side, but then plays a barbal ball to reach Europe-wide David. But he raises the thumb to show that he found the idea well.

20.: Let’s look at the numbers as a quarter of an hour is completed. 41 percent ball possession for Lille, but it feels more because the hosts start the most interesting things with the ball. At graduation we find three at Lille, at Chelsea there is still a big round zero.

17.: That’s actually so playful midfield of the guests is not even a factor at all, nor the dreaded ball gains of a cantes.

15.: Now Lille over the right side. Bamba’s flank is cleared by Azpilicueta, yilmaz lured again in a good position. So far, Lille has no problems at all to get into the final third. The last trip from Chelsea so far to the front is already a very while.

12.: With the high pressing, the blues have not caught up yet. And through the high start, Lille is of course very, very fast before the box of Mendy.

11.: Yilmaz takes on the free kick, leads directly. Over the wall, but the ball can no longer be the ball in front of the gate. Mendy does not have to intervene.

9.: Next attempt, the playful construction at Chelsea does not really work. Christensen attacks five meters from the sixteen to a foul. Good position. The card makes Massa first stuck.

7.: That was the first chance for Lille. Thiago Silva opened by the middle, Jorginho lets the ball drop from Andre Abjagen and suddenly Yilmaz Meter can do, stops from 20 meters on it, but Thiago is in between, blocks with the breast to the night corner. The summary.

6.: We are approaching the five-minute brand, it is sorted. A little more possession for the guests. But Lille stands up, bothers early. With the hosts, much runs over the left exterior.

3.: The initial phase first is a bit wild – with many possession changes. Especially in midfield still lacks the sorting. But this also opens up possibilities. First deep-run of HAVERTZ, which sticks to Botman on the baseline.

1.: First, a few two-fighting in the midfield, then the first push by the hosts. Yilmaz brings the ball out to the left to Gudmundsson, who wants to set a flank, but is blocked to the corner. That does not help.

1.: The ball rolls.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League now in Livetick – kick-off

Before starting: Head of encounter is the Italian Davide Massa, who last in the series A by a few very – say we’ve noticed “interesting” decisions. Others also say “controversial”.

Before starting: And how does it look like with the current form at the reigning French master? While at Chelsea everything suggests that the team will probably start, apart from the entire accompanying music, also in the next season in the royal class, this is anything but secured at the LOSC.

Before starting: Lastly, four victories in a row, all not the big opponents, teams from the descent zone or in the FA-Cup a victory against a sublass club, namely against Luton Town. The last defeat for the blues gabs in the magnificent League Cup final against Liverpool, as a tuchel troupe in penalty shooting the shorter pulled (10:11). And before that was the 2-0 victory in the eighth-finishing game against Lille.

Before starting: Five new among the blues in the starting preparation compared to the 1-0 against Newcastle: Thiago Silva comes for Chalobah, Marco Alonso moves to Sarr in the Startelf, there are Kovacic and Azpilicueta and Pulisic for Mount and Ziyech and Werner.

  • E. Mendy – Christensen, Thiago Silva, Rüdiger – Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso, Kanté, Jorginho, Kovacic, Pulisic – HAVERTZ

Before starting: Compared to the league game from the weekend (St. Etienne, 0: 0) it is two changes in the LOSC. For Ben Afra (Bank), Yilmaz starts in the attack, Lilles best in the first leg, Renato Sanches, missing because of a thigh injury and is replaced by Andre.

  • Leo Jardim – Celik, José Fonte, Botman, Tiago Djalo – Xeka, André, J. Bamba, Gudmundsson, David – B. Yilmaz

Before starting: Better cards, which concerns the entry into the quarterfinals, is definitely the FC Chelsea today. In the first leg, the reigning Champions League winner defeated the French master with 2: 0 thanks to the hits of Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic.

Before starting: The spectacle is kicked at 21 o’clock. As a venue, the Stade Pierre-Mauroy serves in Lille.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the eighth-final return match in the Champions League between the Osc Lille and the FC Chelsea.

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea, Champions League – Official Supplements

  • Lille: Leo Jardim – Celik, José Fonte, Botman, Tiago Djalo – Xeka, André, J. Bamba, Gudmundsson, David – B. Yilmaz
  • Chelsea: E. Mendy – Christensen, Thiago Silva, Rüdiger – Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso, Kanté, Jorginho, Kovacic, Pulisic – HAVERTZ

OSC Lille vs. Chelsea: Champions League today on TV and Livestream

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  • Commentator: Michael Born
  • Expert: Sebastian Knissl
  • Reporter on site: Alex Schlüter

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