BVB | Youth League: U19

For the first time in the history of Borussia Dortmund, the U19 of the club is located in the quarterfinals of the Youth League. For the tension duels expected in the Champions League of the Juniors against Atlético Madrid (from 16:30 in the live ticker), the BVB talents even move into the signal Iduna Park. A face of success is coach Mike Tullberg, who is still great for his protégés.

Actually, in the junior area of ​​Borussia Dortmund Eitel, sunshine could rule, after all, the youngster on comparatively large stage on Wednesday evening can write history. However, the discovery of the catch-up of the professionals, which from 18:30 clock in Mainz ranmususe, clouded the euphoria last a little. It is likely that interested fans would rather cheer the Bundesliga team in front of the TV instead of going in a stadium.

Bitter elimination in UEFA Youth League | BVB U19 - Atletico Madrid U19 0:1

Unlike usual, the duel does not take place this time on the training ground of Borussia in Brackel, where only a few hundred fans had come together to the last group match against Besiktas at the end of last year. This time, the BVB welcomes the opponent in the stadium of the professionals, where up to 25,000 spectators are currently admitted.

“I’m not scheduler at the dfl. But of course it would have been better if the constellation would have been another,” said U19-Coach Mike Tullberg now in the interview with the portal “Spox”. However, the Dane does not want the Dane too much: “It’s, as it is. If our game is finished, I press Marco Rose and the guys the thumbs up. We are all there that the professionals have success.”

Bynoe Gittens a hope at the BVB: “Can help professionals”

Before the showdown against Atlético rest in the westphalia camp, great hopes for exceptional Jamie Bynoe Gittens. The English right outside, which will be trained with the professionals from the summer, achieved six hits in the current Youth League season.

“Our goal is to build it so that he can support the professionals as well as possible in the summer. Then I put my focus. He has a brutal quality in one-counter-one,” Tullberg praised his protégé and supplemented: “If he added stay fit, I am convinced that he can help the professionals. “

At the same time, the exercise manager did not make a secret of being dependent on Bynoe Gittens. “Without these individual, outstanding players, like now Jamie, or earlier Jadon Sancho and Giovanni Reyna, which we get over the top talent scouting, we have no chance internationally,” the 36-year-old realized.