Niclas Füllkrug shoots Werder Bremen past SV Darmstadt 98

Werder Bremen has also won the second league top game against Darmstadt 98 without five regular players and thus opened to the new leaders FC St. Pauli.

Before 41,000 spectators won the rising favorite earned 1-0 (0: 0) and benefited from an early red card for the Darmstadt Klaus Gjasula in the 23rd minute.

The lilies were until then the better team, but concentrated under growing pressure but shortly after the break, the crucial goal by Niclas Füllkrug (52.). Torwart Marcel shoes prevented a higher defeat.

“Until the red card, it was an open break exchange, then we have shown a relatively mature performance,” said Füllkrug at “Sky”: “That’s why we can be proud of us, but could have shot one or the other gate.”

According to the failures of Torjäger Marvin Ducksch as well as the injured oils Toprak, Marco Friedl and Mitchell Weiser, Werder had to do without Leonardo Bewtcourt, which had been positively tested positively on the coronavirus as well as ducksch.

Such replacement weakened, the Bremer began only very reserved until the point reference for Gjasula changed the gameplay.

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red for gjasula after video proof

Referee Robert Schröder had initially only yellowed the 32-year-old after a foul on Romano Schmid, watching the offense during treatment break for the Werder player but once again on his screen. After that he decided on red.

Werder came shortly thereafter to a thick double chance for Füllkrug (26./29.) And a post hit for Niklas Schmidt (43.).

However, the redeeming leadership succeeded after the break by a beautifully drowned counterattack over Milos Veljkovic, Schmid, Eren Dinkci and the Goal Scorer Füllkrug. Darmstadt’s coach Torsten Lieberknecht saw the mischief come early and hit his hands over his head during this attack.

Even thereafter, the Bremen gave even more good possibilities due to Schmidt (62), DINKCI (63.), Nick Woltemade (90. + 1) and another post-shot of strong Schmid (79.). Darmstadt had only one chance to equalize (77.) through Braydon Manu.