Ski Alpin: Ladies Giant Slalom in Courchevel

For the last time in this World Cup season, the ladies of the ski alpine world are facing the discipline of Giant Slalom. The race in the French Courchevel you can now follow here in the live ticker.

With a projection of over eight tenths, the US Mikaela Shifrin uses the field after the first run. Whether you can drive home the victory, you will learn here in the live ticker from 12.00 clock.

Ski Alpin: Ladies Giant Lalom in Courchevel – The results of the 1st run

Rank Name Time
1 Mikaela Shifrin (USA) 1.06,32
2 Frederica Brignone (ITA) +0,82
3 Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR) +0,84
4 Petra Vlhova (SVK) +1.08
5 Lara Gut-Behrami (Sui) +1,32
6 Marta Bassino (ITA) +1,37

7 | Maryna Gasienica-Daniel (pole) | +1,47
8 | Tessa Worley (FRA) | +1,60
9 | Michelle Gisin (Sui) | +1,66
10 | Valerie Grenier (CAN) | +1,68

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Ski Alpin: Giant Lawom of the ladies in Courchevel – the 1st run in the live ticker for reading

Final at 12 o’clock

That was the first time from Meribel and we say goodbye to a little break. The final in this giant slalom rises at 12 o’clock. See you soon!

Shifrin full on course

The first passage of the last giant slalom of the season is over! Mikaela Shifrin is clearly in the lead after a grandiose first run and thus has the opportunities to grab this small crystal ball even. Because their worst competitions Sara Hector (13th) and Tessa Worley (8.) are clearly back. For this, the two may start earlier in the second pass to much softer route earlier, which is likely to be an advantage. Behind Shifrin are currently Federica Brignon and Ragnhild Mowinckel on the places two and three.

Ski Alpin: Ladies Giant Lawom in Courchevel – End of the 1st passage

Magdalena Egger (AUT, 1.09.92)

The graduation is the Junior World Champion Magdalena Egger. The 22-year-old does not do that bad and, above all, goes well. One or the other mistake costs time, but the 22-year-old leaves two drivers behind.

Elena Curtoni (ITA, 1.10,18)

Elena Curtoni still has their problems in giant lalom and does not work technically at all. Almost four seconds behind and rank 24 for number 24.

Stephanie Brunner (Aut, 1.09.41)

Stephanie Brunner joins himself in the not too convincing achievements of the Austrians today and shakes the goal in the finish. Over three seconds behind the penultimate place mean.

Thea Louise Stjernesund (NOR, 1.08,19)

Thea Louise Stjernesund makes it even a tick better than your countrywoman before. The 25-year-old remains behind two seconds and thus has all the chances of a top result.

Mina Fuerst Holtmann (Nor, 1.08.50)

The Norwegian shows a strong ride and gets the best out, which is still possible on the Roc de For in Meribel. From Rank 13 Mina Fuerst Holtmann can attack again in the second passage.

ANA BUCIK (SLO, 1.09.08)

Ana Bucik tries it with a very close line, but that too does not bring anything on this soft route. Only 16th place.

Paula Moltzan (USA, 1.09.21)

Paula Moltzan skin everything in and fights for every meter, but can not approach even in the case of much worse conditions. Only Wendy Holdener was slower.

Maria Therese TViberg (Nor, 1.08.99)

The track now shows clearly on the blazing sunshine and even with a perfect line you can hardly come close to the top times. However, Maria Therese tviberg also builds some technical errors and loses clearly.

Wendy Holdener (Sui, 1.10.01)

Wendy Holdener strengthen are rather in the slalom. The Swiss knows early that here is nothing here and brings its race to finish with almost four seconds.

Katharina Liensberger (AUT, 1.08.62)

Katharina Liensberger had a strong season in the slalom, but does not really cope in the giant slalom. The last risk is missing to really attack the top times. The Austrian slips too much and loses steadily. Now we have four Austrians at the end of the field.

Coralie Frasse Sombet (FRA, 1.08.01)

Can Coralie Frasse Sombbet may jump for Tessa Worley in the breach and worry about the home game for furore? It looks quite like that, because the Frenchwoman starts well, but later a little bit is pushed too far. Ultimately, it is just behind her compatriot in Ply elf.

Michelle Gisin (Sui, 1.07.98)

Michelle Gisin had fallen badly yesterday in the slalom, but it can not be noticed today and puts a clean run. Top times are no longer giving the increasingly soft route, but the Swiss keeps the residue within limits. Rank nine.

Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT, 1.08.87)

Ramona Siebhofer does not start well at all and loses up for a second above. There is a pretty much lacking in this run and we have already three Austrians at the end of the class.

Lara Gut-Behrami (Sui, 1.07.64)

Lara Gut-Behrami then shows that here is definitely something possible! The 30-year-old Swiss moving closely approaches the gates, drifts significantly more than the other riders and is spent on five place.

Katharina Troupe (AUT, 1.08.61)

Katharina troupe can not retrieve your performance and has problems with this track in Meribel ARGE. Just like your compatriot troupe she gets raised over two seconds.

Valerie Grenier (CAN, 1.08,00)

Valerie Grenier can not really go the boards so, there is too much up several times and robs the pace. For a long time the Canadian holds the connection, then she still loses clearly on the last meters.

Ricarda Haaser (AUT, 1.08.97)

The first of six Austrians is Ricarda Haaser! But the 28-year-old does not cope here and does not have to tear down significantly in a simple upper part. In the zeil then only the start number flashes as position.

Maryna Gasienica Daniel (pole, 1.07.79)

Maryna Gasienica Daniel was most often the top ten turn. The Polin is traveling with a lot of speed, but drives one or the other detour and that costs time. Rank six is ​​for the time being to be booked.

Federica Brignone (ITA, 1.07:14)

Attack! Federica Brignone drives away from the first goal to attack and is located at halftime. Can she keep up with Shifrin below? No! The US American has conjured up in the second section and also takes Brignone almost a second.

SARA HECTOR (SWE, 1.08.42)

And Sara Hector? The Swede last lasted at the home game in Aare and drives with knee pain. And you realize that! Hector must correct multiple times, the pitters of this route can not master and torments with over two seconds behind the target.

Tessa Worley (FRA, 1.07.92)

Now come the two leaders of the discipline rating. Tessa Worley may submit to Sara Hector, but it can be quite quiet. However, this race will decide in the technically sophisticated lower part. But the Frenchwoman does not approach the performance of Mikaela Shifrin and falls far back!

Sara Hector (SWE) | Winner | Women's Giant Slalom | Courchevel | FIS Alpine

Petra Vlhova (SVK, 1.07.40)

Petra Vlhova has already won the crystal ball in the slalom. In giant slalom, however, Slovakin has its problems and is surprised by a wave that she drews from the Ideallinie. That costs a whole second and your chances of winning very momentum.

Marta Bassino (ITA, 1.07.69)

Marta Bassino is the first of three Italians who want to attack here at the top. However, the 26-year-old loses the line early on a slipper and gets up half a second. That does not pick up bassino anymore and even falls back.

Mikaela Shifrin (USA, 1.06.32)

Now comes the entire World Cup winner! Mikaela Shifrin makes a small technical mistake in the upper part, but makes it away with topspeed in the middle part again. The American builds steadily, the two crisp waves overcomes the course easily and is clearly front.

Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR, 1.07:16)

Ragnhild Mowinckel opens the World Cupinal in Giant Lalom! The Norwegian lies a solid start on the course set by the Slovak coach, comes on sun-over-flooded, but still icy route then well on train and puts the first best time. What this value is, we will know in a few minutes.

Ski Alpin: Giant Lawom of the ladies in Courchevel today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: Trio from Switzerland

Switzerland sends three drivers in this final giant tail of the winter. Michelle Gisin was already on the podium at the race in the not distant Courchevel in December and would like to repeat this here. Lara Gut-Behrami was second in the giant slalom of Sölden and can also drive ahead. The presentual bid of Wendy Holdener is completed.

Before starting: Troupe leads ÖSV team

Austria is again today with a large bid. Almost a quarter of the starting field carries red-white-red. Best ÖSV-athlete in the Giant Lalom World Cup is Katharina Troupe in course ten. Ramona Siebenhofer and Ricard Haaser also expect a good result. In addition, Katharina Liensberger and Stephanie Brunner and the 22-year-old Junior World Champion Magdalena Egger.

Before starting: No DSV participation

For the German women’s team the season is already over. After the second place of Lena Dürr in yesterday’s slalom, there will be nothing to celebrate today, because in the giant slalom rating no DSV runner is in the top 25 and thus entitled to this World Cupinal.

Before starting: Who grabs the small crystal ball?

In the overall World Cup, the decision was already pleased in favor of Mikaela Shifrin. In the discipline rating of the giant slalom, however, everything is open and it could hardly be more exciting. The Swedine Sara Hector (522 points) is located in front of the final five points before Tessa Worley from France. Also Shifrin (471) has even chances of the small crystal ball as a third. Theoretically, Petra Vlhova (431) can still climb up when she wins here.

Before starting: Good morning!

Hello and welcome to the last day of the Alpine World Cup season 2021/22! For the women, a giant slalom is at the end of the French Courchevel on the program. The first pass starts at 9 o’clock, the final rises three hours later.

Before starting: The DSV squad puts only little staff as it is used by the Ladies-Giant Slalom this season. In all likelihood, only Marlene Schmotz (currently rank 52 of the Giant Lalom rating) will compete in the Eagle jersey.

Before starting: **** The starting signal will be made in French Courchvel / Meribel at point 9 o’clock.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the Livesticker of the ladies’ race of the ladies.

Ski Alpin: Ladies Giant Lalom in Courchevel today in Liveticker – Transfer to TV and Livestream

How to get used to the world of winter sports is also shown today’s race by two providers. Both the private broadcaster EuroSport 1 as well as the public-legal channel ZDF will accept the transfer. Nevertheless, there is a restriction here: so only the second run will be seen in zweden.

In this article we have already summarized all necessary information on the broadcast.

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Ski Alpin: Giant Lawom of the ladies in Courchevel today in the Liveticker – The table in giant slalom

Rank Name Points
1 Sara Hector (SWE) 522
2 Tessa Worley (FRA) 517
3 Mikaela Shifrin (USA) 471
4 Petra Vlhova (SVK) 431
5 Marta Bassino (ITA) 276
6 Frederica Brignone (ITA) 216
7 Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR) 208
8 Michelle Gisin (Sui) 207
9 Maryna Gasienica-Daniel (pole) 187
10 Katharina Troupe (AUT) 183